Effective leadership is essential to the well-being of a business. A good leader should be decisive, honest, and dependable while also displaying a sense of confidence, accountability, and optimism. It is their role to inspire and provide guidance to others. Our team of leadership speakers includes founders, former commanders, generational experts, and former NASA astronauts who have hands-on experience with making some of the toughest, high-stakes decisions within their respective fields. Contact us at Gravity Speakers to book one of our leadership experts who can help outline the approach and methods used by successful leaders around the world.


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Sofiat Abdulrazaaq
CoFounder & CEO of Goodfynd, Fintech Entrepreneur, Privacy Expert, Former Sr. Product Manager

Sofiat Abdulrazaaq is the co-founder & CEO of Goodfynd, a fintech platform enhancing accessibility for mobile food businesses. A serial entrepreneur and privacy expert, who brings a decade of experience translating business goals into developed products. She has held prior leadership positions at some of the largest Fortune 500 and billion-dollar nonprofit organizations and operates her own consulting practice. As a founder of SBA Strategies, she empowers entrepreneurs and champions underrepresented voices in business.

Sofiat Abdulrazaaq
Mike Abrashoff
Former Commander, USS Benfold and Author, It’s Your Ship

Mike Abrashoff was the most-junior officer in the Pacific Fleet when he took command of the near-worst performing ship. Twelve months later, the USS Benfold was the best ship in the entire Navy – using the same crew. The story of that stunning transformation has lessons for every organization: leadership matters – and culture is everything.

Mike Abrashoff
Diane Allen
Award-Winning International Flow State Speaker, Peak Performance Expert, TEDx Speaker, Thought Leader, Violinist

Flow State Speaker & Violinist Diane Allen is an Award-Winning International Speaker, Peak Performance Expert, and thought leader who speaks on increasing the meaning, joy, and fulfillment in one’s work and life by accessing the flow state. Diane is best known for her experiential Keynotes, Training, and Coaching programs that go Beyond Engagement™. Her three-step Flow Strategy™ system empowers people to get into their flow state, be in their genius, and love their job & life.

Diane Allen
Kwame Anku
Visionary CEO of Black Star Fund

Kwame Anku is the CEO and Chairman of the Black Star Fund, an early-stage innovation fund. Kwame has worked extensively in business development and media marketing for over two decades, entering into the tech industry after being personally recruited by the late legendary rock star Prince to develop his mobile app, overseeing business and development teams on Africa, Asia, and the US.

Kwame Anku
Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour
Vernice "FlyGirl"
America's First Black Female Combat Pilot, Former Marine & Cop, Entrepreneur, Author, Zero To Breakthrough, and Consultant to Business

Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour is America's first Black female combat pilot, a diversity liaison officer, entrepreneur, and author. As a top keynote speaker and consultant, she helps individuals and organizations achieve breakthrough results using her "Zero to Breakthrough" success model. Vernice is also a member of the Forbes School of Business & Technology Board of Advisors and COMCAST/ NBCUniversal Joint Diversity Council. Her story has been featured on CNN, MSNBC, and Oprah Winfrey.

Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour
Mariana Atencio
TEDx Speaker, Peabody Award-Winning Journalist, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Inspiring Storyteller, and Host/Moderator

Mariana Atencio, a Peabody award-winning journalist, bestselling author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, moderator, and event host, is on a mission to help people supercharge their careers, happiness, and workplace cultures by embracing the power of authenticity. Her renowned TEDx talk, "What Makes YOU Special?", with over 23 million views, emphasizes the strength of individuality. Mariana's impactful storytelling and keynotes inspire change, solidifying her as a prominent voice in media and advocacy.

Mariana Atencio
Peter Baines
Leadership Expert, Powerful Storyteller, Everyday Hero

Investigating homicides, leading international teams into scenes of crisis and disaster is not your normal path to global keynote speaker and business consultant. It was this unique path that provided insights into leadership which are so different yet offer relevant reflections and learnings to businesses facing change, growth or challenges of their own.

Peter Baines
Alex Banayan
#1 International Bestselling Business Author, Leading Expert on Exponential Growth, Success, High-Performance, and Personal Development

Alex Banayan, the youngest bestselling business author in American history, specializes in perseverance and exponential growth. He introduced the Third Door™ framework to global business conferences and corporate leadership teams, including Apple, Google, and Nike. His #1 international bestseller, "The Third Door," decodes the mindset of success. Named in Forbes' "30 Under 30" and Business Insider's "Most Powerful People Under 30," Banayan's keynotes redefine possibilities, aiding individuals and Fortune 500 companies in innovative growth strategies worldwide

Alex Banayan
Chris Barton
Founder and Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Tech Investor

Chris Barton is the Founder and Creator of Shazam. Chris’s creation of Shazam was nothing short of pure magic as it was far ahead of its time. Chris seeks to delight people by using technology to make seemingly impossible ideas come to life. In his speeches, Chris’s story and storytelling completely captivate audiences. He inspires people to make big things happen in their organizations – to create magic in defiance of the obstacles.

Chris Barton
Chris Baréz-Brown
Master of Transformation, Author

Chris is a master of transformation. His unique energetic approach challenges businesses to embed a dynamic creative culture within their company ethos. Brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Unilever, Sony, and WPP come back time and again as his results produce tangible returns on investment.

Chris Baréz-Brown
Bill Benjamin
Emotional Intelligence, Performance and Leadership Expert

Bill Benjamin is an expert in Emotional Intelligence, Performance, and Leadership with advanced degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science and 25 years of business experience. He shares his early career struggles with leadership under pressure and teaches practical techniques for improvement. As a partner at the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP), Bill contributes to creating high-performance, high-accountability cultures through the Last 8% Culture System. His scientific approach and dynamic style resonate with analytical audiences like surgeons, U.S. Marines, and NASA engineers, making him a sought-after speaker.

Bill Benjamin
Chris Bertish
Mavericks Champion, Guinness World Record Holder

International Inspirational Speaker; Big Wave Surfing Mavericks Champion; Stand-Up Paddleboarding Guinness World Record Holder; Chris Bertish shifts boundaries, shatters perceptions and achieves what most people perceive impossible.

Chris Bertish
Hilary Blair
Co-founder and CEO of ARTiculate: Real & Clear, Author, Leadership Coach, Communication Expert

Hilary Blair, CEO of ARTiculate: Real&Clear, is a keynote speaker and a champion of human connection. Her expertise lies in communication excellence, self-awareness, and building confidence in leaders and teams. With a background in stage, film, and voice acting, she brings a unique blend of skills to her coaching and speaking engagements. Hilary has worked with renowned businesses globally, providing interactive, practical, and customizable solutions that invigorate communication skills for today's workforce.

Hilary Blair
Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano
CEO of The Mathpath and VP of Equitable Operations at Culture Amp

Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano is The Mathpath (Math Nerd + Empath), VP of Equitable Operations at Culture Amp, and a startup investor, and advisor. She questions, reimagines, and redesigns the systems that surround us to ensure that all people access equitable opportunities.

Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano
Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew
Dr. Froswa
President and CEO of Soulstice Consultancy, Thought Leader, Consultant, Author, and Creator of the Reconciliation and Restoration Foundation

Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew is the President and CEO of Soulstice Consultancy, providing guidance on philanthropy, community engagement, leadership development, and organizational culture support. She founded the Reconciliation and Restoration Foundation and is an adjunct faculty member at Tulane University. She authored four books, including Empowering Charity. She also co-founded HERitage Giving Circle, Power in Action-Dallas, and the South Dallas Employment Project.

Dr. Froswa Booker-Drew
Dr. V Boykin
Dr. V
Organizational Leadership, Learning and Development, GTM Enablement, Equity Leader, and Keynote Speaker

Dr. V Boykin is a keynote speaker, published researcher, and leader in the organizational leadership and equity space. Dr. V’s expertise is creating equitable work experiences for women and people of color. Dr. V established clear evidence to illustrate the importance of social support systems in tackling workplace equity through shifts in the social environment.

Dr. V Boykin
Rich Bracken
Internationally Acclaimed Thought Leader and Emotional Intelligence Expert, Host & Emcee, DJ

Rich Bracken is an internationally acclaimed thought leader, a keynote speaker on emotional intelligence, a dynamic storyteller, and a consultant with 20+ years of experience in leadership and employee engagement. He inspires positive change through data, emotion, and case studies. With expertise in sales, marketing, and client service, Rich delivers empowering speeches worldwide. He has served Fortune 100 clients and featured in major media outlets. Renowned as a prominent keynote speaker.

Rich Bracken
Jennifer Brandel
CEO and Co-founder of Hearken, Award-Winning Journalist, Serial Entrepreneur, Innovator

Jennifer Brandel is an award-winning journalist, founder and organizer whose work spans journalism, civic engagement, democracy and entrepreneurship. She’s a dynamic, sought-after keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. Brandel began her career in journalism reporting for outlets including NPR, CBC, WBEZ, The New York Times, and Vice. She is the founder of Hearken, which helps institutions better listen and respond to their stakeholders.

Jennifer Brandel
Tucker Bryant
Poet & Innovation Keynote Speaker

What Tucker Bryant learned during a decade spent between Stanford and Google surprised him: even people on the cutting edge of innovation often struggle to take risks. The truth is that we all want to step out of our comfort zones, but we also have comforts so deep-seated that we aren’t aware they even exist. And our instinct to protect that unconscious comfort suffocates our creativity, disengages us from our work, and stunts our ability to lead.

Tucker Bryant
Daniel Burrus
Futurist Speaker, Business Strategist, Bestselling Author

Daniel Burrus is considered one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and innovation experts helping clients profit from technological, social and business forces that are converging to create enormous, untapped opportunities. The New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three business gurus in the highest demand as a speaker.

Daniel Burrus
Jeff Butler
Millennial Generation Expert and Technology Speaker

Jeff Butler is a speaker, author, and international consultant who helps organizations improve their relationships with millennial employees. Unlike other experts on millennials, Jeff has been in the trenches of what it means to be a millennial and what it takes to retain and keep them engaged.  You may have seen him on Forbes, USA Weekly, or on the TED stage.

Jeff Butler
Courtney Caldwell
Cofounder & CEO of ShearShare, Trailblazing and Award-Winning Tech Entrepreneur and Marketer

Courtney Caldwell is the Cofounder & CEO of beauty-tech startup, ShearShare, the largest provider of on-demand salon and barbershop space rentals and the most affordable leases in the market. She is also an award-winning entrepreneur and tech founder and has spent two decades building winning teams in tech marketing.

Courtney Caldwell
Tye Caldwell
Visionary Founder of ShearShare, reshaping the beauty industry, Author, Educator, and Award-Winning Salon Owner with a Global Impact

Dr. Tye Caldwell is the Cofounder & Chief Strategy Officer of ShearShare. Recognized as a tech visionary and industry pioneer, Dr. Caldwell’s mission is to help beauty and barbering professionals around the world maximize their earnings potential. He has worked in beauty for 25 years as a master barber-stylist, educator, and small business coach, offering his 20+ years of industry knowledge as a proven roadmap.

Tye Caldwell
Paula Caligiuri
Communication, Teamwork, and Cultural Agility Expert, Founder and CEO of Skiilify, Author

Paula Caligiuri is the founder & CEO of Skiilify and a renowed work psychologist dedicated to helping companies, teams, and professionals become effective in today's multicultural environment. As a Distinguished Professor of International Business, she shares her expertise through books, research articles, and podcasts. Paula's work influences multicultural effectiveness, global leadership development, and cultural agility. Paula holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology and is a Fellow of SIOP and AIB.

Paula Caligiuri
Kelly Campbell
Trauma-informed Leadership Expert, Author, Founder of Consciousness Leaders

A Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach to self-aware visionaries, Kelly L. Campbell’s work exists at the cross section of trauma integration and conscious leadership. They are an inspiring keynote speaker and host a popular podcast on conscious leadership. Kelly writes for Entrepreneur, has written for Forbes, and has been featured in Woman Entrepreneur and The Startup on Medium.

Kelly Campbell
Colette Carlson
Business Communication & Human Behavior Expert, Hall of Fame Speaker, Author

Colette Carlson is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), an inductee into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, and a top human behavior keynote speaker. With over 20 years of experience, she helps individuals make positive and lasting changes by teaching them the psychology, mindset, and skills required for success. Her personalized keynote programs focus on the power of connected conversations, using engaging content and humor. Colette's trusted clients include Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and the US Government.

Colette Carlson
Kim Carson
CEO and Founder of Parallax Futures, Conceptual Technologist, Diversity in AI champion, Author

Kim Carson, the dynamic force behind Parallax Futures, is a catalyst for change in the tech landscape. With a diverse background encompassing political science and tech leadership, she sparks dialogue on the need for diverse perspectives in AI, evolving workforce landscapes, launching new businesses, post-disciplinary ethos, and authentic self-expression. Kim's journey resonates with resilience and purpose, inviting others to embrace innovation and inclusion for a better tomorrow.

Kim Carson
Jennifer Cassetta
Keynote Speaker, Author, Wellness & High Performance Coach

Jennifer Cassetta is a nationally recognized speaker, empowerment coach, and self-defense expert. She has worked with tens of thousands of professional women around the country to help them unleash their inner badass. Equipped with her 3rd-degree black belt in HapKiDo, Master’s degree in Nutrition, and health coaching certification, she develops programming that helps women feel strong, safe, and powerful from the streets to the boardroom.

Jennifer Cassetta
Kelly Charles-Collins
Award-Winning TEDx Speaker, Bankable Brand Strategist, Author, Mentor

Kelly Charles-Collins, is a Keynote & Award-Winning TEDx Speaker, Speaker Mentor, Retired Law Partner & Trial Attorney, and Author. She’s sought-after authority specializing in courageous conversations, unconscious bias, and bystander intervention. As a transformative keynote speaker and mentor, Kelly has been featured in some of the biggest media publications and outlets including ABC, NBC, CBS, Time.com, Forbes, Fast Company, Authority Magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, Thrive Global and more.

Kelly Charles-Collins
Vish Chatterji
Executive Coach, Author and Yogi

Vish Chatterji is an accomplished business leader turned executive coach with a twenty-year business track record spanning multiple industries. In parallel, he has studied and practiced yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda (mind-body medicine). Vish coaches business leaders enabling more of their greatness to show up at work.

Vish Chatterji
Leroy Chiao
Former NASA Astronaut and International Space Station Commander

Dr. Chiao began his professional career as a chemical engineer, and his passion for space exploration led him to NASA. Following a stellar 15-year astronaut career, he moved on to leadership positions in entrepreneurial startups, applying his space experience to the business world.

Leroy Chiao
Misa Chien
TEDx Speaker, Authentic Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder of The Authentic Asian and Autopilot Reviews

Misa Chien, CEO & Founder of The Authentic Asian and Autopilot Reviews, is an authentic leader known for inspiring and helping people through positivity and transparency. Her exceptional leadership and entrepreneurial style make her a sought-after speaker, podcast host, and TV personality. She has been featured in Inc. Magazine's 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs, Forbes Women to Watch, and LinkedIn Top Voices. Misa has spoken at industry-leading events including CCW and TEDx.

Misa Chien
Chris Clews
Speaker, Author, Film/Stage Consultant, and '80s Pop Culture Guy

Chris Clews combines 22 years of marketing experience in a variety of industries with global brands and ad agencies with his unmatched passion for all things 80s to bring a fun, informative and unique presentation to your group.

Chris Clews
Anne Cocquyt
CEO and Founder of the GUILD, Serial Entrepreneur, Super Connector in Silicon Valley

Anne Cocquyt, CEO and Founder of the GUILD, is an inspirational speaker on entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership. She speaks on how to start businesses, prototyping, building successful partnerships, and how to attract and retain winning diverse teams. She moderates and joins panels on gender bias in AI, product management and technology trends, and teaches design-thinking workshops on building innovation ecosystems.

Anne Cocquyt
Geoff Colvin
Senior Editor-at-Large for Fortune, Award-winning Journalist for Fortune & CBS Radio, Bestselling Author, Broadcaster

As Fortune magazine’s senior editor-at-large, Geoff Colvin is now in his fourth decade at Fortune. He is one of business journalism’s sharpest and most respected commentators on leadership, management, globalization, government regulation, corporate governance, competition, the economy, the InfoTech revolution, human performance and related issues.

Geoff Colvin
Heidi Connal
Emotional Intelligence Expert, Executive Coach, and Leadership Developer

Heidi Connal is a seasoned technology executive with over twenty years of experience building collaborative, compassionate, and high performing individuals and teams. She works with visionary leaders to identify new opportunities within themselves for growth, learning, and contributions. Her techniques cultivate emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and courageous introspection.

Heidi Connal
Magie Cook
CEO & Founder of Maggie's Salsa LLC, Author & Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Coach

Dr. Magie specializes in sharing the power of mindfulness in the workplace. She uses research-backed strategies to optimize performance & improve employee happiness and transform workplace cultures into more equitable, creative environments for leaders to grow. She delivers high-energy keynotes that integrate data and inspirational storytelling, offering a pragmatic approach to tackle work and life challenges. Her charismatic humor, vulnerability, and practical mindset shift inspire audiences to realize their potential for success.

Magie Cook
Mark Coopersmith
Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur

Mark Coopersmith is a bestselling author, entrepreneur, Fortune 500 executive, and educator. Mark has mentored hundreds of startup teams which have launched groundbreaking new ventures in sectors as varied as web services, consumer electronics, medical devices, internet-of-things, education, cleantech, fintech, and fashion.

Mark Coopersmith
Kim Crayton
The Antiracist Economist, Advisor, Educator, Mentor

Kim Crayton, known as the Antiracist Economist, is dedicated to building a future that is Supremacy, Coercion, Discrimination, and Exploitation Free. Formerly known for #causeascene, she used her platform to call out harm and the facade of inclusion, often advising tech companies that were experiencing “challenges” when it came to ensuring the welcoming and psychological safety of their work environment.

Kim Crayton
Heather J. Crider
Heather J.
NeuroPerformance Coach, Empowerment Specialist, Peak Performance Expert, Podcast Host, Author

Heather J Crider is a certified neuroperformance coach and leading expert in high-performance growth and thought transformation. She empowers overwhelmed professionals to beat burnout, unleash brain-powered breakthroughs, and unlock unstoppable performance and boundless energy. Heather combines deep financial expertise with neuroscience insights to drive transformative results. She also hosts the Go Reflect Yourself Podcast and has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Brainz Magazine, and Thrive Global.

Heather J. Crider
Mark DeVolder
Expert on Change and Transformation, Award-Winning Speaker, Author

Three-time Top 25 Speaker Award recipient, change-consultant for the NASA Space Shuttle Program and transition-advisor for a $42 billion merger, Mark DeVolder distinguishes himself as a change management specialist and is one of today’s original thinkers on transitions.

Mark DeVolder
Dawn Dickson
Serial Entrepreneur & Inventor

Dawn Dickson is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with over 20 years of experience in technology, marketing, and business development. Her most recent ventures are Flat Out of Heels and PopCom. Dawn is a seasoned professional speaker, business advisor, and angel investor.  She continues to be recognized as one of the nation’s top retail tech entrepreneurs.

Dawn Dickson
Chris Dyer
Culture Coach, Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Company Culture and Remote Work Expert

Chris Dyer is a renowned thought leader, culture coach, and best-selling author specializing in company culture and remote work. As a former CEO and the #1 Leadership Speaker on Culture by Inc Magazine, he delivers transformative keynote addresses that inspire audiences with innovative perspectives on leadership and the 7 Pillar Strategy. Chris has helped numerous companies globally unlock productivity, performance, and profits, shaping the future of work.

Chris Dyer
Josh Allan Dykstra
Josh Allan
Future Of Work Guru, CEO of #lovework, TEDx Speaker, Author, Podcast Host of The Work Revolution

Josh Allan Dykstra (he/him or they/them) is a recognized thought leader on the future of work and company culture design. He is an author, TEDx speaker, and the CEO of #lovework, where they use technology to create astonishingly great performance in a hybrid world.

Josh Allan Dykstra
Ugwem Eneyo
Co-Founder & CEO of SHYFT Power Solutions, Pioneering AI and IoT in Energy Tech in Emerging Markets

Ugwem Eneyo is co-founder and CEO of SHYFT Power Solutions, specializing in the use of IoT software and big data to improve access to clean, reliable and affordable energy solutions in markets that struggle with grid resiliency. Ms. Eneyo explores how we use tech to create ‘grids of the future’ but particularly in emerging markets. She’s given talks on the nexus of energy and sustainable development to global thought leaders, including the World Bank.

Ugwem Eneyo
Melinda Briana Epler
Melinda Briana
Founder & CEO of Empovia, Author on Allyship

Melinda Briana Epler has over 25 years of experience developing business innovation and inclusion strategies for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and global NGOs. As CEO of Empovia, Melinda works with the tech industry to solve diversity and inclusion together. Using her background in storytelling and large-scale culture change, she is a strategic advisor for tech companies, tech hubs, and governments around the world.

Melinda Briana Epler
Ryan Estis
Sales & Leadership, Business Growth & Performance Expert, Consultant, Certified Human Capital Strategist

Ryan Estis is a top-performing sales professional and leader, keynote speaker, consultant, business growth & performance expert, and certified human capital strategist. As a former chief strategy officer of McCann Worldgroup, he brings a fresh perspective to business events. Ryan is known for his innovative ideas on leading change, improving sales effectiveness, and preparing for the future of work. He was recently recognized as one of “the best keynote speakers ever heard” by Meetings & Conventions magazine.

Ryan Estis
Mike Evans
Award Winning Author and Speaker

Mike has developed a unique perspective from 20+ years working alongside world-renowned thought leaders. He is a leading authority on unleashing personal and organizational accountability. Clients rely upon Mike’s solutions to accelerate change, shape their optimal culture, flawlessly execute key strategies, ignite leadership capacity at all Levels, amplify employee engagement, and cultivate peak performance.

Mike Evans
Tonya M. Evans
Tonya M.
Professor & Global Leader in Tech, IP, Crypto Innovation

Professor Tonya M. Evans is a global leader, accomplished academic and administrator, and world-renowned speaker with over twenty years of experience in law, innovation, academia, and entrepreneurship. She writes, speaks and teaches primarily in the areas of intellectual property, blockchain and crypto assets, tech and innovation, information privacy, financial inclusion, and economic empowerment.

Tonya M. Evans
Manny Faces
Award-Winning Journalist, Podcast Producer, Public Speaker, Consultant, Advocate for Hip Hop culture

Michael “Manny Faces” Conforti is an award-winning journalist, podcast professional, public speaker and independent scholar. Much of his work focuses on advocating for the use of Hip Hop music and culture as a tool to improve lives, livelihoods and communities throughout the nation and the world, in areas including education, science and technology, health and wellness, politics and social justice, business and entrepreneurialism, the fine arts, spirituality and self-help, and more.

Manny Faces
Keith Ferrazzi
Founder and CEO Ferrazzi Greenlight, Bestselling Author

Keith Ferrazzi is a bestselling author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and executive team coach who helps teams transform enterprises. As Founder and Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight, he coaches executive teams in top organizations to achieve extraordinary outcomes. He formerly served as CMO of Deloitte and Starwood Hotels.

Keith Ferrazzi
Britteny Floyd-Mayo
The Trap Yoga Bae®, Wellness Expert

Britteny Floyd-Mayo, affectionately known as “Yoga Bae”, is the mastermind behind one of the most diverse and inclusive wellness spaces across the globe. In her untouchable lane, she’s curated an innovative yoga experience designed to affirm lifestyles of wellness and total self-care.

Britteny Floyd-Mayo
Diane Flynn
Leadership Coach, Entrepreneur, Author

Diane Flynn, an entrepreneur, author, and coach, stands out as a speaker for her deeply personal and transformative approach to empowering leaders. She shares invaluable insights cultivated through her journeys at Stanford, HBS, and as a successful business executive and entrepreneur. With an unwavering passion for nurturing strong leadership skills, particularly among women, Diane's compelling narrative resonates on many levels. Her two acclaimed books and best-selling Udemy course on Growth Mindset, which boasts over 60,000 students, underscore her ability to connect with diverse audiences and effect positive change.

Diane Flynn
Jen Fry
Sports Geographer, Tech Founder, Sought-After Speaker and Educator, Founder & CEO of JenFryTalks and Hyreable

Dr. Jen Fry (she/her) is a Sports Geographer, tech founder, and sought-after speaker and educator. She owns JenFryTalks, a social justice education firm that explores the intersection of conflict and DEI. Jen facilitates conversation and skill-building with organizations, leadership and C-suite groups, small and large teams, affinity groups, and more. She advises on best practices that create more equitable organizations, communities, and teams, where each person feels a sense of belonging.

Jen Fry
David Goldsmith
The Thought Leader’s Thought Leader, Businessperson, Consultant, Adviser, Coach, Speaker, Author, Patent Holder

David is the author of Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future, a work for which he has earned comparisons to Peter Drucker, the father of modern-day management. Considered by some to be the “Thought Leaders’ Thought Leader”, he is known for replacing common leadership thinking with bold, proven, and sometimes counter-intuitive approaches to address leadership challenges and opportunities.

David Goldsmith
Andrea Guendelman
Expansive Leadership Expert, CEO of Speak_

Andrea Guendelman is a writer, speaker, and entrepreneur who specializes in Expansive Leadership—helping individuals and organizations unlock potential through openness. She is a leading force in creating platforms for minority professionals and the tech industry. Through her own experiences as a Harvard-trained corporate lawyer and an entrepreneur, she co-created Bevisiblelatinx, Wallbreakers, and most recently, Speak_.

Andrea Guendelman
Suneel Gupta
Healthcare Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author, Visiting Scholar at Harvard Medical School, Host of American Express Business Class Docuseries & Podcast

As the founding CEO of RISE, a breakthrough wellness company, Suneel Gupta helped thousands of people build better habits for life and work. Now as a bestselling author, host of an American Express Docuseries & podcast, and Visiting Scholar at Harvard Medical School, Suneel has taken his mission one step further – helping organizations and teams reach peak performance by lifting their people’s emotional resilience.

Suneel Gupta
Arlan Hamilton
Founder Backstage Capital & Runner, Author, and Trailblazing Investor

Arlan Hamilton is a remarkable entrepreneur who built a venture capital fund from the ground up, while homeless. She is the Founder and Managing Partner of Backstage Capital, a VC firm dedicated to minimizing funding disparities in tech by investing in high-potential founders who are people of color, women, and/or LGBT.

Arlan Hamilton
Jim Harris
Disruptive Innovation Speaker, Bestselling Author

Jim Harris is one of North America’s foremost thought leaders, management consultants, and authors on disruptive innovation. With 20 years experience as a professional speaker and consultant, Jim Harris speaks internationally at more than 40 conferences a year on and is ranked as one of the nation's top ten speakers by Association magazine.

Jim Harris
Roger Haskett
Engagement Expert, Author

Roger Haskett helps to make meetings, organizations, and individuals be more engaging. In his award winning career as a speaker, actor, emcee and entrepreneur, Roger developed a unique formula for maximizing audience engagement and influencing employees, members, participants, and everyone he meets to be more engaged and authentic individuals.

Roger Haskett
Shane Michael Hatton
Shane Michael
Global Expert on Leadership and Culture, Forbes Global Coaches Council Member, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Shane Michael Hatton is a 2x Author and global expert on Leadership, Communication, and Team Culture with over a decade of experience developing remarkable leaders, teams, and cultures. Blending business experience with psychology, Shane's passion lies in empowering leaders to communicate, connect, and collaborate effectively. His insights, featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, The Australian, HRD, CEO World, and more, focus on strategic influence and succession planning.

Shane Michael Hatton
Troy Hazard
Franchise Expert, TV Host, Global Business Leader

The entrepreneurial genius, Troy Hazard, has founded and nurtured twelve businesses over two decades, has turned around businesses that were making enormous losses, and has consulted to countless successful companies including Goodyear, Baskin Robbins, Subway, Fisher & Paykel and many more.

Troy Hazard
Denise Love Hewett
Denise Love
Host of Do The Work, Producer, DJ

Denise Love Hewett is the host of the podcast, Do the Work, which focuses on redefining leadership to be more holistic. This was birthed out of her time as a founder of Scriptd, an entertainment tech company working to dismantle the inefficient and exclusionary practices of Hollywood. She comes from the world of entertainment, fashion, and hospitality, starting her career as the Director of Sales and Marketing at famed nightclub The Box.

Denise Love Hewett
Jin-Ya Huang
Purpose-Driven Community Leader, Presidential Leadership Scholar, Social Enterprise Innovator, Artist Educator, Award Winning Bridge Builder

Jin-Ya Huang founded Break Bread, Break Borders, a social enterprise. She's a published writer, and TIME Magazine-featured Community Uniter focusing on equity, design, and social justice. A PLS Presidential Leadership Scholars fellow, Huang excels in bridge building, women's empowerment, and race relations for lasting social impact.

Jin-Ya Huang
Tamar Huggins
Multi-Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Educational Equity Advocate, Tech Trailblazer, Speaker, Author

Tamar Huggins, a pioneering Canadian tech entrepreneur, author, and educator based in Toronto, is dedicated to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech sector. She founded DRIVEN, Canada's first tech accelerator for BIPOC leaders, raising $1.1 million for underrepresented tech startups.

Tamar Huggins
John Iino
Founder & CEO of the Cumbre Alta Advisors, Transformational Leader, DEI Consultant & Trainer, Certified Executive Coach

John Iino is a proven change agent, global law firm leader, diversity professional, and executive coach. He founded Cumbre Alta Advisors, providing DEI consulting, training, and coaching. As Chief Diversity Officer for Reed Smith, he increased the number of diverse lawyers by 79% and improved the firm's ranking in the American Lawyer's Diversity Scorecard from #120 to #22. Currently, John is the Interim ASVP for Alumni Relations at USC and a frequent keynote speaker on DEI, leadership, and effective management.

John Iino
Mazin Jamal
Founder & Executive Director at Holistic Underground

Mazin Jamal is the founder of Holistic Underground: a leadership & organizational development agency for social movements & businesses. He honed his craft working with leaders and teams around the world. He has coached, consulted, and presented for executive leaders and teams from Apple, Google, Postmates, Atlassian, and more. He is also the creator of the PurposePlace™ Methodology.

Mazin Jamal
Roderick Jefferson
Author and Award Winning Global Sales Enablement Thought Leader

Roderick Jefferson is an internationally recognized, business-focused speaker. Having given keynote presentations nationally and 13 countries globally. He understands the power of sharing real-life strategies that work. His compelling keynote speeches can set the table at the start of a conference or end it with a bang!

Roderick Jefferson
Daymond John
Star of ABC’s Shark Tank

From his wildly successful role on ABC’s smash hit, Shark Tank, to his distinguished status as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship, Daymond John has become globally recognized for his relentless commitment to promoting and supporting entrepreneurs.

Daymond John
Dr. Clarence B. Jones
Dr. Clarence B.
Civil Rights Activist, Author, and Former Strategic Advisor, Attorney, and Speechwriter for Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Clarence B. Jones served as legal counsel, strategic advisor, and speechwriter to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He contributed to the first seven paragraphs of the iconic "I Have A Dream" speech. Dr. Jones is an accomplished author, lawyer, civil rights leader, and business executive. He has received prestigious honors, such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and is actively involved in social advocacy, fostering Black-Jewish relations through Spill the Honey Foundation.

Dr. Clarence B. Jones
Guy Kawasaki
Chief Evangelist of Canva, Former Chief Evangelist of Apple, Bestselling Author

Guy Kawasaki is a bestselling author, former chief evangelist of Apple, and a former trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation. Today, he is the chief evangelist of Canva (an online graphic design tool), brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, and is also an executive fellow of the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley).

Guy Kawasaki
Katty Kay
Lead Anchor, BBC World News America, Bestselling Author

Katty Kay, U.S. Special Correspondent for BBC Studios, brings a fresh perspective to the reporting of American politics and global affairs. Katty’s insights reflect a global mindset that is a natural offshoot of having grown up in the Middle East and worked as a journalist in Europe, Africa, and Asia before coming to Washington in 1996.

Katty Kay
Maja Kazazic
Bosnian Genocide Survivor, Certified Empathy Coach, Mental Health Advocate, IT Professional, Below-knee Amputee

Maja Kazazic is a Bosnian genocide survivor, certified empathy coach & trainer, and an acclaimed inspirational speaker who shares her remarkable journey of resilience and triumph. As a Bosnian war survivor and an amputee, Maja's journey of overcoming adversity has inspired audiences worldwide. Her powerful messages of resilience, determination, and finding hope in the face of challenges resonate deeply with listeners. Maja's story of resilience and triumph has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets worldwide.

Maja Kazazic
Pierre Khawand
Author and Founder of People-OnTheGo

Pierre Khawand has more than twenty years of experience in the software industry. He has helped leaders develop the awareness and behaviors needed to focus on results and develop people in the midst of the information overload.

Pierre Khawand
Barbara Khozam
Customer Service Speaker, Trainer, Author, Consultant

Barbara Khozam is known around the world for her impactful, high-energy delivery, outrageous wit, and ability to connect with her audience. Barbara has spoken more than 1,700 times to more than 75,000 people in 12 countries about customer service, leadership, motivation, and communication.

Barbara Khozam
Peggy Klaus
Celebrated Coach, Speaker, and Author Revolutionizing Communication and Leadership

You may have seen Peggy Klaus on national news or popular morning shows. Perhaps you’ve read her advice columns in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and O Magazine.

Peggy Klaus
Jonas Koffler
NY Times Bestselling Author, Cofounder, Writer & Producer

Jonas is a New York Times bestselling author, entrepreneur, and storyteller, and an award-winning writer & producer of books, documentaries, and branded entertainment at storytelling boutique Koffler Pictures. Jonas regularly presents at conferences, organizations, and events on topics spanning personal innovation and unconventional thinking, the future of work, creativity and learning, community building, wellness, and resilience.

Jonas Koffler
Joseph Kopser
Speaker, Author, Investor, Innovation Expert

Joseph Kopser serves as an Executive-in-Residence at the McCombs School of Business.  Prior to that his company, RideScout, was acquired by Mercedes. He served in the Army for 20 years after graduating from West Point and Harvard. He was recognized as a White House Champion of Change in clean energy and won the U.S. DOT Data Innovation Award. Co-author of, Catalyst, he is an advisor for CleanTX.

Joseph Kopser
Thomas Koulopoulos
Futurist, Author, Visionary, Inventor, INC500 Leader

Tom Koulopoulos is acknowledged as one of the industry’s leading futurists. He is the author of ten books and founder of Delphi Group, a 30-year-old Boston-based think tank, which was named one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US by Inc. Magazine.

Thomas Koulopoulos
Jeremie Kubicek
Relational Intelligence Expert, Author, Speaker

Jeremie Kubicek, an experienced keynote speaker and author, is a relational intelligence expert dedicated to helping teams lead themselves by fostering self-awareness.

Jeremie Kubicek
Polly LaBarre
Co-founder of Management Lab, Founding Writer of Fast Company, Author

Polly LaBarre arms leaders with a Maverick Manual to hack the status quo and ramp up originality, invention and game-changing disruption. Co-author of Mavericks at Work and founding team member of Fast Company magazine, Polly is co-founder of Management Lab, the think-and-do tank where she consults with top global brands.

Polly LaBarre
Victoria Labalme
Internationally Acclaimed Inspirational Performing Artist

With over 20 years in the Performing Arts - from Broadway to comedy clubs to high-profile television to commercials including a Super Bowl spot - Victoria Labalme helps people perform at their highest levels by awakening their hidden genius.

Victoria Labalme
Lynne Lancaster
Generation Expert, Co-founder of BridgeWorks, Best Selling Author, Communication Guru, Management Consultant

Lynne Lancaster is a highly sought-after generational expert and keynote speaker who has dedicated her career to bridging the generational divide. With her original research, insights, humor, and practical tips, she helps organizations understand how to lead, manage, market, and communicate effectively in a multi-generational world. Lynne is a co-author of the best-seller "When Generations Collide".

Lynne Lancaster
Leonard Lane
Global Supply Chain, Sustainability & Technology Integration Expert, Celebrated Professor, Board-Level Advisor

Leonard D. Lane DBA is a distinguished international senior executive, board-level advisor, and business professor, specializing in the convergence of supply chain management, sustainability, and technology within a global context. With over 50 years of management and consulting experience.

Leonard Lane
Mike Lee
Unlocking the Power of Presence, #1 Best Selling Author, Leadership Coach

Mike Lee is a globally recognized keynote speaker, #1 best-selling author, and coach who shares high-performance leadership lessons from inside the hearts and minds of NBA’s elite. Through his work, he supports individual contributors, leaders, and organizations in elevating engagement, winning the war for talent, and creating cultures of belonging in a world of disruption.

Mike Lee
Mark Levy
Employee Experience Pioneer, Globally Minded HR Leader

Mark Levy is a seasoned globally-minded Employee Experience Leader who has chosen to work for big-hearted companies and focus on how he can unleash the talents and passions of a company’s employees. Mark was the pioneer of designing the Employee Experience at Airbnb and most recently at Allbirds, showing organizations what is possible when you empower employees and rethink HR.

Mark Levy
Karl Lillrud
eCommerce Business Expert, Influencer, Coach, Author

Karl Lillrud is a best-selling author of 6 books, two times TEDx speaker. Also, He has been honored as one of the world’s Top 50 eCommerce experts, Top 30 eCommerce influencers, Top 50 speakers on online growth and eCommerce. Karl Lillrud educates and inspires his audience on subjects related to online consumer behavior, internet-based business, e-commerce, and online strategies.

Karl Lillrud
Josh Linkner
2x NYT Bestselling Author, 5x Tech CEO, Innovator, Investor and Global Innovation Speaker

Josh Linkner, who started his career as a jazz guitarist, has been the founder and CEO of five tech companies, which sold for a combined value of over $200 million. He is also a deeply experienced business leader, venture capitalist, top-rated keynote speaker, and author of four books which include the New York Times bestsellers: Disciplined Dreaming and The Road to Reinvention.

Josh Linkner
Jones Loflin
Internationally Recognized Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer

Jones Loflin equips individuals and organizations with real tools to conquer today’s tsunami of work and life challenges. Jones’ innovative solutions on leadership, change, and time management has attracted the attention of organizations around the world.

Jones Loflin
Ted Ma
High-Performance Leadership, Team Building, Motivational Speaker

Ted Ma is a leadership strategist, author, and international keynote speaker who helps leaders become Everyday Mentors and create a culture that people never want to leave. As an elder millennial who has been coaching leaders for over 20 years, he brings a unique perspective to the stage.

Ted Ma
Jennifer Magley
Media Consultant, Entrepreneur, Former Pro Athlete, Keynote Speaker, Author

Jennifer Magley is the Chief Brand Officer of The Basketball League (TBL) and Basketball Super League (BSL). She is also a consultant, speaker, contributor to FORBES, and former professional athlete specializing in connecting top talent with opportunities onstage, on camera, and in the boardroom. She has placed talent at Fortune-level companies and has a background in recruiting, partnership relations, and contract negotiations. As a Keynote Speaker and Consultant, she has spent over a decade helping successful people become unstoppable. Magley is a former NCAA Division I Head Coach and has received national media coverage, notably by USA Today, CNN, ESPN, Foundr Magazine, and US News & World Report. 

Jennifer Magley
Col. Nicole Malachowski
Col. Nicole
First Woman Thunderbird Pilot, Combat Veteran, Fighter Squadron Commander, White House Fellow & Adviser, and Indomitable Spirit

Col. Nicole Malachowski (USAF, Ret.) defies stereotypes. She was a jet fighter pilot, a combat veteran, and the first woman pilot on the Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Squadron. But her distinguished 21-year Air Force career came to an end when a devastating tick-borne illness left her unable to speak or walk for ten months leaving Nicole’s indomitable spirit to fight back against overwhelming odds and prevail.

Col. Nicole Malachowski
Mita Mallick
Wall Street Journal & USA Today Best Selling Author, DEI Leader, Workplace Transformation Expert

Mita Mallick is a corporate change-maker with a track record of transforming businesses and cultures. Mita is a passionate storyteller who believes in the power of diversity to spur creative strategic thinking which can ultimately transform brands.

Mita Mallick
Seth Mattison
CEO of FutureSight Labs, Thought Leader, Advisor, Author

Seth Mattison is an Internationally renowned expert and author on workforce trends and business performance. As Founder & CEO of FutureSight Labs, Seth advises many of the world’s leading brands and organizations on the key shifts happening around talent management, change and innovation, leadership, and the future of work.

Seth Mattison
Leslie Maxie
Founder of Maxie Media Group, 1988 US Olympian, Entrepreneur, Strategist, Journalist, Host/MC, Media Trainer & Influencer

Renowned 1988 US Olympian and media trailblazer, Leslie Maxie, shares her extraordinary life journey with global audiences. From her early days as a 15-year-old speaker addressing 15,000 people to her extensive media career with ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC, CBS, and more, Leslie crafts impactful speeches. Through captivating stories, she provokes thought, inspires action, and leaves a lasting impression, connecting deeply with the hearts and minds of her listeners.

Leslie Maxie
Matt Mayberry
Performance Expert, Former NFL Linebacker

Matt Mayberry, a former NFL linebacker for the Chicago Bears, is currently one of the most-read columnists for Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as an acclaimed keynote speaker, author, and peak-performance strategist. Using a real-world approach, He specializes in maximizing the performance of organizations, teams, and individuals all over the world.

Matt Mayberry
Sarita Maybin
Communication Expert, TEDx Speaker, Author, and Former University Dean

Sarita Maybin is a communication expert, author, TEDx speaker, and international keynote speaker with more than 20 years of experience providing audiences with strategies to stay positive, constructively confront tough communication situations, and work together better.

Sarita Maybin
Scott McArthur
The Business Sculptor

Scott McArthur offers an unusual mix of experience, having worked as a research scientist, HR director, business consultant, rock musical producer, writer, keynote, and TEDx speaker. His delivery style, which he has developed across the sectors over 20 years, is humorous, well-crafted, inspiring, and direct.

Scott McArthur
Anthony McLean
Master Storyteller, Actor, Author, Leadership, Mental Health and Inclusivity Advocate

Anthony McLean is a "master storyteller" known for his engaging presentations on mental health, diversity & inclusion, and their intersection. He has worked with leading organizations like PepsiCo, Intel, and Coca Cola, helping them foster empathy, acceptance, and mental well-being to enhance team performance. McLean is also a respected voice in his field, having delivered hundreds of inspiring talks worldwide and authored the book "All Fired Up"

Anthony McLean
Josh Miller
Co-Founder & CEO of IDEAS xLab, 2x TEDx Speaker, Queer Changemaker, Soros Equality Fellow, Nonprofit Visionary Leader

Josh Miller is a queer changemaker, public speaker, photographer, and outdoor explorer who believes that being visible and sharing our stories can shift culture and enhance people's well-being. As a 2x TEDx speaker who has engaged Fortune 500 and international audiences from Colorado to Salzburg. He is the co-founder & CEO of IDEAS xLab, and was honored with the 2022 Nonprofit Visionary Leader Award from Louisville Business First.

Josh Miller
Travis Mills
Inspirational Quadruple Amputee, Motivational Speaker, and Advocate for Veterans

Travis Mills is a retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant who became a quadruple amputee after an IED explosion in Afghanistan. Despite his injuries, he became a motivational speaker, author, and advocate for veterans, founding the Travis Mills Foundation to support post-9/11 veterans and their families through adaptive programs.

Linda Nazareth
Economist, Futurist, Author

Linda Nazareth is an economist, a futurist, and a respected authority on the future of work.  As a newspaper columnist and an author, she knows how to frame things in ways that both educate and entertain, and as the Senior Fellow for Economics and Population Change at think-tank the Macdonald Laurier Institute she knows what she is talking about.

Julian Newman
Founder and CEO of Culture Creative, Anthem Award Winning Diversity & Inclusion Leader, Author

Julian Newman is the founder and CEO of Culture Creative, an international award-winning leadership development and diversity & inclusion consulting firm. Julian is a certified and Anthem Award-winning Diversity & Inclusion leader based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a cultural intelligence strategist, author, and motivational speaker, Julian has spoken to more than 100,000 people nationally and internationally during the past 20 years.

Pauline Nguyen
Owner Of Red Lantern, The Spiritual Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Businesswoman

Pauline Nguyen is the owner of Red Lantern, the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world. Pauline has achieved outstanding success as an entrepreneur, author, businesswoman, and acclaimed speaker with the unique ability to connect with her audience in a profound way, empowering them to change their story for a better future. She speaks and teaches from direct experience with a unique, dramatic cadence that literally has the audience hanging on every word.

Akua Nyame-Mensah
ICF-Certified Executive coach, Leadership & Culture Advisor, Team Builder, Facilitator, Founder of ANM & Company

Akua Nyame-Mensah is the founder of ANM & Company which exists to build better leaders. Akua is an ICF-certified executive coach, leadership & culture advisor, team builder, Facilitator, and podcast host of Open Door Conversations. She worked, consulted in, and visited over 30 countries worldwide. With extensive international experience, including a pioneering role at Jumia Group, she seamlessly blends coaching with leadership psychology, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence research. She believes that business growth comes from personal growth.

Janice Omadeke
Founder of The Mentor Method, Serial Entrepreneur, TedX Speaker, Thought Leader, Mentor, & Author

Janice Omadeke is a proven leader focused on data-driven decision-making, focusing on strategy, innovation, and cultural change management. She founded The Mentor Method, an enterprise software for transforming company culture through mentorship. She is a thought leader and advocate for mentorship and entrepreneurship, and has been recognized by Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and Inc. Janice is certified in Entrepreneurship from MIT and PMP-certified with over ten years of corporate leadership experience in Fortune 500 companies.

Dr. Tina Opie
Dr. Tina
Chief Vision Officer at Opie Consulting Group, Professor, Author

Whether as a keynote or interactive workshop leader, Tina’s focus is on creating more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces. Using her Shared Sisterhood framework and proven approaches for unearthing blind spots within individuals and organizations. Tina serves as a catalyst for new thinking and needed change.

Shegun Otulana
Founder & CEO of Harmony Ventures Labs, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Mentor, and Investor

Shegun Otulana is the Founder & CEO of Harmony Venture Labs (HVL), a venture studio launching a family of technology companies including Copysmith AI, where he also serves as CEO. He exited his last startup, TheraNest/Therapy Brands for $1.25b in 2021.  Shegun mentors, advises and shares entrepreneurial insights and empowers the next generation of builders. As a seasoned entrepreneur and investor, Shegun contributes to boards like Venture for America and Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham.

Timothy Papandreou
Founder and CEO of Emerging Transport Advisors, Global Thought Leader On Emerging Technologies

Timothy Papandreou is a global thought leader on emerging technologies, smart cities, and the future of work. As the Founder and CEO of Emerging Transport Advisors, Tim provides clarity and guidance to investors, companies, and governments on navigating disruptions. With experience from Google X and San Francisco MTA, Tim is a sought-after speaker and mentor in emerging tech spaces.

Liza Pavlakos
Internationally Renowned, Award-Winning Speaker on Resilience, Empowerment & Entrepreneurship, Author, Psychotherapist

A survivor, entrepreneur, and international keynote speaker – Liza is a force globally recognised for her achievements and accolades. She is Founder of Mind Hub Directory, improving mental health is a passion and commitment for Liza and her team. She is a qualified psychotherapist, transformation executive coach, entrepreneur, storyteller, and keynote speaker, inspiring individuals to live their best possible life. Liza presents an impassioned and compelling story of true grit and resounding resilience. A story of overcoming impossible adversities, triumphing against all odds, and becoming a self-made, highly successful entrepreneur.

Damian Pelliccione
CEO & Co-Founder of Revry, World’s First LGBTQ+ Global Content Streaming Network, Blending Business Prowess with Film Production & Education

Damian Pelliccione (they/them) is the CEO and Co-Founder of Revry, the world’s first LGBTQ Global Content Streaming Network. With over 15 years of experience in the digital and new media world and as an avid speaker, passionate about supporting the LGBTQ community in both authentic representation and entrepreneurship, Damian has spoken at more than over 250 conferences and film festivals around the world.

Yemi Penn
Curious Rebel, Author, Researcher (PhD) & Global Speaker

Yemi Penn is a courageous, powerful, kind and compassionate thought leader. With over two decades working on the field and in corporate environments in the U.K, USA and Australia; her drive for excellence through energetic brilliance is a rare find. She invites teams, senior leaders and executives to ignite their Rebellious Curiosity. This allows them to achieve superior results in their business functions, providing a point of difference. Yemi shares ways to do this in a sustainable way to ensure wellness in the people and the profits.

Christie Pitts
Early Stage Investor, Operator, Activist & Inventor

Christie Pitts is an investor, operator, and activist. Formerly VP of Operations at Mahmee and investor at Backstage Capital, she co-founded the VCs for Repro initiative, focused on the intersection of the economy and reproductive justice, and hosts the Moms at Work liveshow to build community, raise awareness, and advocate for better experiences for working moms.

Barry Posner
Bestselling Author, Leadership Coach, Professor

Barry Posner has received countless awards and has been ranked among the most recognized and influential Leadership Coaches, Most Influential HR thinkers, and among the top Leadership and Management Experts in the world.

Hanli Prinsloo
Keynote Speaker, Freediver, Founder and CEO of I AM WATER Ocean Conservation Foundation

Hanli Prinsloo is a multiple South African freediving record holder and Founder of I AM WATER Ocean Conservation. Growing up on a horse farm in rural South Africa her love of nature and the need for wilderness experiences were instilled at an early age. With a background in social-political documentary filmmaking, Hanli has traveled the world seeking and telling stories of transformation, hope, and inspiration.

Erik Qualman
Technology, Digital Leadership & Transformation Expert, Entrepreneur, Futurist, and #1 Bestselling Author

5x Bestselling Author, Digital Transformation & Leadership Expert, and Motivational Speaker, Erik Qualman, has performed in 55 countries and reached over 50 million people. He was voted the 2nd Most Likeable Author in the World behind the Harry Potter series. He is a former sitting professor at MIT and Harvard's edX labs and has received an honorary doctorate for his groundbreaking work.

Johnny Quinn
U.S. Olympian, Author, Former Pro Football Player

Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn is a highly sought-after speaker for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Known for his thought-provoking and action-packed speeches, Johnny has been featured on: ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN, ESPN, FOX, NBC, TIME, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Johnny’s newest book, “PUSH: Breaking Through The Barriers” ushers readers through the valleys of life to the thrills of rocketing down icy mountains at 80+ mph with no seat belts.

Marc Randolph
Netflix Co-Founder, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Bestselling Author, Executive Mentor & Angel Investor

Marc Randolph is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor, and investor. Although best known as the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix, Marc’s career as an entrepreneur spans more than four decades. He's founded or co-founded six other successful startups, mentored rising entrepreneurs, and invested in numerous successful tech ventures. He is a frequent speaker at industry events, serving variously as a board member, mentor, or executive coach.

Bill Reichert
Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Author, Mentor

Bill Reichert is co-founder and Managing Director of Garage Technology Ventures, a well-known seed and early-stage venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Bill travels around the world giving presentations and workshops on innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and technology trends.

Monica M. Rivera
Monica M.
Marketing Strategist, Clarity Coach, TEDx Speaker, and Founder of YOU WANNA DO WHAT

Monica M. Rivera (she/her) is a captivating speaker, marketer, and coach with over two decades of experience at renowned companies like Citi, Deloitte, Verizon, and SAP. She founded YOU WANNA DO WHAT?!, a coaching consultancy, aiding business professionals in becoming thought leaders. As a sought-after speaker, Monica has spoken at TEDx, The New York Times, Podcast Movement, and various national events, inspiring personal growth, empowerment, and success in individuals and organizations.

Mike Robbins
Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Team Performance Expert, Author

Mike Robbins is the author of five books and an expert in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork, and Team Performance. He delivers motivational keynotes and seminars, empowering people, leaders, and teams to engage in their work and perform at their best. His clients include Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and many others. Mike is also a member of the National Speakers Association and has been featured in NPR, ABC News, and Forbes. He hosts the podcast, We're All In This Together.

Betsy Ross
President at Game Day Communications, Emmy® Award-Winning Sports Reporter

Betsy M. Ross is the president of Game Day Communications, a media and marketing agency based in Cincinnati. She is an Emmy® award-winning sports reporter and one of the first women to break into national sports news. Ross worked at ESPN for five years as an anchor and continues to be involved in sports broadcasting. She also teaches at the University level and is a former member of the Ball State Alumni Council.

Dr. Michelle Rozen
Dr. Michelle
The Change Doctor

Dr. Michelle Rozen is a game-changing, revenue-building, performance-boosting change expert, and a highly respected authority on the psychology of change. She is a researcher, an author, and a frequent guest expert on the most prominent media networks. She is one of the most sought after change management motivational leadership speakers nationwide as well as internationally.

Mark Sanborn
The President of Sanborn & Associates, Hall Of Fame Speaker, Leadership Strategist, Bestselling Author, Global Expert On Leadership & Customer Service

Mark Sanborn is an international bestselling author and award-winning keynote speaker on leadership, customer service, business growth, and organizational performance. He has given over 3,000 presentations globally and authored eight best-selling books. Mark is the President of Sanborn & Associates, Inc., the Leadership Expert in Residence at High Point University, and a member of the Speaker Hall of Fame. Mark's clients include top brands such as FedEx, Harley-Davidson, ESPN, GM, and IBM.

Dona Sarkar
Chief Troublemaker of Microsoft’s AI Extensibility Program, Author, BIPOC Woman in Tech Leader

Dona Sarkar is the Chief Troublemaker of Microsoft’s AI Extensibility Program, a BIPOC woman in tech leader, Multi-published author, and Owner of the ethical luxury fashion brand Prima Dona Studios. She was recently named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Productive People and Cosmopolitan magazine's Businessperson of the Year.

Astrid Scholz
Serial Entrepreneur in Social Innovation & Systems Change

Dr. Astrid J. Scholz is a serial entrepreneur in social innovation and systems change. As a recovering nonprofit executive turned tech entrepreneur, Astrid is Co-Founder and CFO/COO of Armillaria, and Co-Founder of Zebras Unite. Astrid’s work focuses on democratizing innovation and capital to solve today’s wicked problems.

Mark Schulman
Celebrity Drummer, Author, Peak Performance Expert

Mark’s journey from a classically trained cellist to the first-call drummer for the world’s top artists showcases the immense power of attitude, transformation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. With over 32 years of experience, he brings energy to music and motivational speaking. His presentations offer valuable tips for organizations, teams, and leaders. His speaking style resonates deeply with corporate audiences, offering inspiration and practical tools for development.

Peter Sheahan
Founder & CEO of Karrikins Group, C-Suite Advisor, Thought Leader, Author

Peter Sheahan is the founder & Group CEO of Karrikins Group, a C-Suite Advisor, and a bestselling author. Sheahan is also known internationally for his innovative business thinking and thought leadership. With over 120 staff, in 24 cities, across nine countries, Sheahan knows firsthand the challenges of growing a business in these rapidly-changing times. He helps leading brands turn challenges into opportunities and disruption into growth.

Alex Sheen
5x TedEx Speaker, Founder of Because I Said I Would, Philanthropist, Social Entrepreneur & Innovator, Author, and Humanitarian

As one of the world’s foremost experts on accountability and commitment, Alex is a five-time TEDxTalk speaker, author, podcast host, internationally-recognized humanitarian, social entrepreneur & innovator, author, and Founder of the because I said I would movement. His work, featured on shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, CNN, Fox News, and many other programs, inspires people to honor their commitments.

Marilyn Sherman
Certified Speaking Professional™ and Author

Marilyn Sherman is dedicated to training people to let go of obstacles and live and work with courage, commitment, and confidence. For the last 22 years, she has motivated audiences all over the country, and internationally with topics about hope, inspiration, and practical tools to implement immediately.

Arian Simone
Co-Founder & CEO of Fearless Fund, Entrepreneur, Author

Arian Simone is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, best-selling author, and international speaker. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of the Fearless Fund, the First Venture Capital Fund built for WOC by WOC. She has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the “100 Women of Impact".

Jill Sinclair
Founder Of Hustler Sophisticate Speaker Series, TEDx Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

Jill Sinclair is an executive coach, author, TEDx & international keynote speaker who changes people's lives by challenging their limits. Jill crafts her language and her message so she's speaking to the core of what her audience needs. She Helps her audience to UNCOVER and OVERCOME their success blockers. Jill is the founder of Hustler Sophisticate Speaker Series and Business Bootcamps.

Scott Steinberg
Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Strategic Consultant

A strategic adviser to CEOs and four-star generals, firms like IBM, PwC, and the US Dept. of Defense regularly seek his insight. As the CEO of BIZDEV: The International Association for Business Development and Strategic Partnerships, and management consulting + market research firm FutureProof Strategies, he helps partners stay one step ahead of emerging trends – and drive growth around them.

Simone Stolzoff
Author, Writer, Journalist, Keynote Speaker

Simone Stolzoff is an author, journalist, and workplace expert from San Francisco. A former design lead at the global innovation firm IDEO, his work has been featured in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Wall Street Journal, and various other publications. His debut book The Good Enough Job: Reclaiming Life from Work was the #1 bestselling work-life balance book of 2023. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford.

Nick Tasler
Thought Leader, Organizational Psychologist, Best-Selling Author, Leadership & Change Management Expert

Nick Tasler is an acclaimed thought leader, organizational psychologist, and #1 best-selling author of four counter-intuitive books on the art and science of making decisions and leading change. The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and other prominent media outlets have featured his work. He has helped numerous global organizations, including Microsoft, FedEx, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, The Royal Bank of Canada, and Yale University, navigate change and achieve unprecedented growth.

Bill Taylor
Entrepreneur & Innovator, Co-founder of Fast Company, Bestselling Author

Bill Taylor shows business leaders a path to go from now to next in a world filled with nonstop disruption. As a young entrepreneur, Bill co-founded Fast Company, the bold business magazine that redefined the genre and chronicled the tech-fueled revolution that transformed business and work.

James Taylor
An Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Author, and Keynote Speaker on Creativity, Innovation, AI and Sustainability

James Taylor is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and speaker on creativity, sustainability, innovation, and AI. For over 20 years, he has advised CEOs, entrepreneurs, educators, governments, leaders, writers, and rockstars on how to design innovative organizations, unlock creative potential, and build a sustainable future. He hosts The SuperCreativity Podcast and TV Show, has worked with clients like Apple, Sony, Cisco, and IBM, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts.

Eric Termuende
Thought Catalyst, Team Builder, Future Proofer

Eric Termuende is a globally-recognized thought leader, author, and keynote speaker on the future of work and building teams that thrive. Eric is helping leaders build incredible teams and tomorrow’s greatest places to work. His one-degree shift methodology enables leaders to build trust, remove friction, and create a culture of experimentation. Eric has delivered over 400 keynotes to organizations including IBM, The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Zoom, TD, BMO.

Dan Thurmon
Award-winning Hall of Fame Speaker, Best Selling Author, Peak Performance Coach, Work-Life Balance, Leadership, and Transformation Expert

Dan Thurmon is the founder and President of Motivation Works, a company that helps leaders and their organizations move confidently through change and transformation, so they become, achieve, and contribute MORE. Dan is a Hall of Fame Speaker, a teacher of peak performance, an author of impactful books, and a lifelong student of success, happiness, and achievement. He’s delivered thousands of presentations across six continents for audiences including world leaders, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and educators.

Kunbi Tinuoye
Founder of Urbangeekz, Award-Winning Journalist

Kunbi Tinuoye is an award-winning British-born journalist and broadcaster based in the United States. She is the founder of UrbanGeekz, a groundbreaking video-centric African-American, Latinx, and multicultural digital news platform focused on technology, science, business, and startups.

Robert B. Tucker
Robert B.
Innovation Expert, Business Futurist, President of The Innovation Resource

Robert B. Tucker is an acclaimed innovation expert and business futurist, serving as the President of The Innovation Resource. With over 30 years of experience, Tucker guides organizations in fostering innovation and adapting to future trends. He is the author of influential books such as Driving Growth Through Innovation and is a sought-after keynote speaker known for his actionable insights and strategic vision.

Jeannie Walters
Certified CX Professional, TEDx Speaker, LinkedIn Learning Instructor, Customer Experience Expert

Jeannie Walters is an award-winning customer experience expert, international keynote speaker, and Founder of Experience Investigators. With Fortune 500 clients and global recognition, she's a leading authority on improving employee and customer relationships. As a sought-after business coach, Jeannie has reached audiences worldwide, emphasizing proactivity for brand loyalty. Her insights have been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and more.

Nicholas Webb
Futurist and Innovation Expert, Bestselling Author

Nick Webb is a number one best-selling author and is one of the most popular Innovation, Healthcare, Future-trends, and Customer Experience Speakers in the world. Nick is the CEO of LeaderLogic, LLC a Management Consulting Firm that provides consulting services and training to the top brands in the world. Nick works shoulder-to-shoulder with boards of directors of multibillion-dollar companies to assist them in building future-ready organizations.

Darren Woodson
Managing Principal at Cresa, Founder and CEO of CounterFind, 3x Super Bowl Champion, Former Dallas Cowboy and NFL Analyst at ESPN, Real Estate Partner

Darren Woodson is the Managing Principal at Cresa, a Super Bowl Champion, Former Dallas Cowboy, and ESPN Analyst. After a successful 12-year career as the leading tackler for the Dallas Cowboys, Woodson understands the importance of embracing change, accepting criticism, and fostering healthy competition. Darren shares practical skills for building cultures of excellence. With his insights, audiences nationwide gain valuable tools for creating effective teams, cultivating exceptional business cultures, and finding joy in life.

Ramona Wright
TEDx Speaker, Founder, Strategist, Author, Tech Investor, Philanthropist, Coach

Ramona Wright, a TEDx speaker, author, tech investor, producer, tech investor, and philanthropist, has more than 15 years of strategic communication expertise. She’s a trailblazer who taught public relations and social media marketing to more than 200. Ramona is an accomplished speaker who has spoken on behalf of the American Heart Association, Google, and Microsoft. She worked with Emmy, Grammy, and Oscar Award-winning talent.

Denise Lee Yohn
Denise Lee
Go-to Expert on Brand Leadership, Bestselling Author

Denise Lee Yohn is the go-to expert on brand leadership for national media outlets, an in-demand speaker and consultant, and an influential writer, authoring the bestselling book What Great Brands Do: The Seven Brand-Building Principles that Separate the Best from the Rest.