Bill Benjamin

Emotional Intelligence, Performance and Leadership Expert

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Illinois, USA


Bill Benjamin is a distinguished expert in Emotional Intelligence, Performance, and Leadership, known for his engaging and dynamic approach. With advanced degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, and 25 years of business experience, Bill offers a unique perspective. He candidly shares his early career struggles with leadership under pressure, using his journey to illustrate the practical application of emotional intelligence techniques.

Bill’s scientific and practical approach to leadership is informed by his technical background and experience in sales. He helps audiences understand how the brain responds under pressure, improving leadership and performance. As a partner at the Institute for Health and Human Potential (IHHP), Bill contributes to the Last 8% Culture System, which aids organizations in building high-performance cultures that emphasize both care and accountability. IHHP has been recognized as one of the “Fastest Growing Companies” in the “Fast 100” ranking by PROFIT Magazine.

Bill's ability to connect with analytical audiences, such as surgeons, U.S. Marines, and NASA engineers, is enhanced by his blend of practical experience and scientific insights. His high energy and genuine style make him a sought-after speaker, with a successful track record of inspiring and motivating discerning audiences. Through his programs, Bill demonstrates how the techniques he teaches can transform leadership and cultivate high-performing teams.

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"I attribute much of my personal success to what Bill taught me early in my career and leadership journey. From a meeting planner’s perspective, Bill is a dream presenter – easy to work with, humble, and wants to be part of the team to deliver excellence. He took the responsibility to ‘exceed expectations’ as seriously as I did as the meeting host. Bill lives what he researches and teaches making personal/professional relationships so very enriching"

Kristen Spriggs, Chief Member Services Officer

"The session was great and a picture perfect example of a keynote address! It was captivating/entertaining, started the entire conference by establishing a tone and hit amongst several of our key themes and takeaways for this years forum. Thanks again for the day... and also the professionalism you brought to the table, the willingness to partner with us in our preparation processes, etc. Very easy to work with. Best wishes to you for continued success! Reach out anytime!"

Scott M, Managing Director
Core Membership at FOX

"Excellent training! You did a terrific job of applying your topic contextually to mission safety at NASA. I wanted to hear more. Great program!"

Pat Williams