Arlan Hamilton Is Building Legacies

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Arlan Hamilton

“We’ve been creating wealth for this country for generations, but we’ve been shut out from that wealth, and encouraged by the mainstream to think that we aren’t, as a group, wealth creators,” says Arlan Hamilton. “It’s time for us to claim the wealth that belongs to us.” In Your First Million, she reveals how. Read Gravity's review and key takeaways!

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Speaking of the Future: At the Forefront of Change

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Gravity Speakers

Gravity Speakers is proud to maintain a highly curated roster of speakers covering a complex and relevant range of topics to address our ever-evolving world. Whether that’s answering the question of how AI will shape the future of the job market or staying on top of public speaking trends, our speakers are invested in forming deep connections with their audiences regardless of the subject matter.

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Award-Winning Speaker on Resilience, Empowerment & Entrepreneurship

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Liza Pavlakos

A survivor, entrepreneur, and international keynote speaker – a force globally recognised for her achievements and accolades. As the 8th speaker in suicide prevention globally and a Golden Gavel Honoree, Liza has firmly established herself as one of the world’s top 10 female speakers.

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Leading Microsoft's AI Extensibility Program

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Dona Sarkar

As Chief Troublemaker of Microsoft's AI and Copilot programs, Dona believes that you are one experiment away from being your most powerful self at work. And yes, in life! Having led Microsoft's Accessibility tech program and #WindowsInsiders program, Dona is also an author, fashion designer, and restauranteur.

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Award Winning Techpreneur & Marketer

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Rodney Williams

Rodney Williams is the Co-founder of SoLo Funds, the largest community finance platform in the US. Since 2018, SoLo has surpassed 1M loans funded and redefined access to capital and returns for 1.5 million users. He is grounded in the same hope and mission: to build a community that enables financial autonomy for all.

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Fortified Founders: How Partnership & Parenthood Strengthen the Startup Journey

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Courtney Caldwell & Dr. Tye Caldwell

Dr. Tye & Courtney Caldwell, Founders of ShearShare, share their firsthand experience winning in the game of life, love, and parenthood. Gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and endearing anecdotes from this dynamic duo as they share their 25-year journey navigating entrepreneurship while balancing family life.

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As advocates of change mastery, we scale and stage corporate speaking events that meet the world’s most pressing challenges with leading-edge thinking. Our speakers are modern-day polymaths, inspiring visionaries, innovators, and entrepreneurs to conquer the complexities of our age with creatively robust and intellectually rigorous ideas.

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As a full-service speakers bureau and agency, our expertise lies in scaling our services for a successful event. It’s as simple as that. For Clients and Event Organizers, you can think of us as an extension of your events team. With our vast network and knowledge of trusted and vetted speakers, we do all the heavy lifting to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey in your talent booking process. For Professional Speakers, we’re your management team - identifying, facilitating, and amplifying your thought leadership so all you need to do is what you do best, wow-ing audiences from the stage or screen.

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Gravity Speakers is proud to maintain a highly curated roster of speakers covering a complex and relevant range of topics to address our ever-evolving world. Our speakers are invested in forming deep connections with their audiences, regardless of the subject matter. Use our dynamic search tool and save your favorites, then let’s connect and engage us to take your event to the next level.

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