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Customer Service Speaker, Trainer, Author, Consultant

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Escondido, California, USA


As the founder of Barbara Khozam Speaking and Consulting, Barbara is an internationally recognized speaker and trainer having delivered over 1900 presentations to 75,000 people in 12 countries on Customer Service, Patient Experience, Leadership, and Communication. Barbara is known for her “High Energy/High Impact” delivery, outrageous wit, and ability to tackle real issues posed by her audience.

In 2019 Barbara was chosen as the Top Customer Service Consultant of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals.

Also in 2019, Barbara was awarded the CSP® (Certified Speaking Professional™) from the National Speaker's Association. Barbara is one of only three women in the world to have achieved BOTH this designation as well as the Toastmaster Accredited Speaker designation.

In her spare time, you can find her on the beaches of southern California playing the best sport ever invented: Beach Volleyball!

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How to Deliver an Extraordinary Service Experience

Leading for Service Excellence – In person and Virtually (3-4 hour in-person or 3x1-hour virtual sessions)

Managing Emotions and Thriving Under Pressure

Telephone Etiquette for our NEW world

How to Deal with Difficult Customers/People

How To Be A Better Communicator

Zap Negativity and Ignite Yourself, Your Life, and Your Results

Other topics include:

• Conflict Management

• Coaching and Teambuilding for managers and supervisors

• How to take care of yourself and others in a virtual / pandemic world

• Teamwork OR How to work with people you don’t like

Barbara Khozam Customer Service Speaker & Entertainer
Barbara Khozam on ABC Reno - Presentation Skills
Dentistry’s Got Talent 2019 Speech Contest


"Thank you so much for your outstanding keynote at the Planning Commissioners Academy! You helped  us kick off three days of educational sessions on a positive and uplifting note, and I know our attendees  will take your words with them back to their cities as they continue the important work they do in their  communities. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate you stepping in last-minute and still taking the time to learn about our program and attendees and tailor your message to them. Our  department officers kept telling me all week how impressed and delighted they were with you and your  keynote."

Kayla Boutros Associate Manager Event Program
League of California Cities

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation and full endorsement for Barbara  Khozam. Having seen Barbara in action in front of a variety of audiences over nearly ten years, she is  proven to be a dynamic professional that engages and captivates the attention of stakeholders from  start to finish with energy that is unparalleled. 

She has consistently delivered the type of educational and solution-oriented business acumen necessary  to achieve results in diverse healthcare settings. Furthermore, Barbara has displayed uncommonly  skilled presentation skills required to deliver solution-oriented thinking necessary to overcome  unforeseen hurdles."

Christopher Reichow, Regional Sales Director

"Dear Barbara: 

On behalf of Prospect Medical Systems, our collective “thanks” to you for all the wonderful Member  Experience work you did with several of our primary care physician offices! 

You are an energetic, engaged, experienced, & committed consultant who has been willing to “dive  into” this assignment with great enthusiasm. During this assignment, you have devoted considerable  time in meeting with each of these practices to observe and discuss their patient experience challenges,  and to offer recommendations on where they might make improvements. Despite some bandwidth  challenges at these PCP groups (including scheduling challenges), you were never deterred and  remained highly committed to bringing value to each of these groups. Your recommended solutions  have been custom-tailored to the individual needs and issues of each PCP group, and based on feedback  that we have received, each practice sees your involvement as a “value add” and they appreciate all  your suggestions. 

We look forward to other opportunities to collaborate with you in the near future. I would be happy to  serve as a reference for any potential future clients."

James P. Agronick, Vice President, Network Management
Prospect Medical Systems

"Janet Weaver, VP of Network of Operations, and I had the opportunity to attend a training by Barbara in the fall and we not only laughed throughout the training, but also learned a great deal in the process. Barbara Khozam extends an international line of clients who praise and attest to her expertise as a customer service master – and we agree. Backed by more than 17 years of consulting, training, and speaking about Customer Service throughout many industries plus infused with humor and an easy-to relate-to approach to solving customer-centric problems, her program is unique, engaging, and effective."

Peter G. Goll, CEO
Physicians Medical Group of San Jose, Inc.

"Dear Barbara,  

Thank you kindly for your incredible, interesting, interactive, and innovative presentation this morning. I  am usually bored to tears at long presentations, but with yours I enjoyed every single minute of it.  Thanks again and Happy Holidays."

Patti Adams, Hong Kong MBA Toastmasters Club, Vice President of Education
Distinguished Toastmasters

"Hey, I’m Dr. Larry Earl, President of the NAOHP, National Association of Occupational Health  Professionals. And we’re here at our national conference in beautiful Palm Springs, CA and Barbara  Khozam just finished with our keynote address on customer service for a difficult population of  occupational medicine practitioners, who have to not only deal with patients, but also have to deal with  employer clients. Barbara was engaging, she held the attention of the audience and had them laughing  in their seats, as well as delivering some important messages and useful practical messages about  customer service in occupational medicine practice or really any medical practice. So, I’m just thrilled we  had people coming up to us saying that this was absolutely the best keynote speaker we’ve ever had. So,  we were just thrilled with the presentation and we will work with Barbara again and again, I hope."

Dr. Larry Earl, President of NAOHP
National Association of Occupational Health Professionals

"The meeting organizer wrote:  

“Loved the participation and energy!” 

A couple participants wrote: 

”I had way too much fun on this session with Barbara - she is SUPER GOOD!!!! Thank you!” “She makes experience - FUN!”"

United Healthcare
Webinar Attendees

"Customer service is pivotal in our industry. Our staff over the last six weeks have had the pleasure of learning how to give exceptional customer service in a relaxed and friendly environment. Barbara was able to accommodate all of our requirements, which was amazing and our staff learned a lot while enjoying the experience. Training that was fun."

Friendlies Chemists, Administration
Hyde Park Queensland, Australia

"I have worked with Barbara for over 2 years. She is an expert in her field and so easy to work with. She has the “IT” factor corporations need to light fires of passion for customer service and patient experience that drive results. Your only loss would be NOT hiring her."

Jessica Behnke, Associate Director
Quality Performance CA Health Plans

"An awesome Keynote - WOW - in every context. I recommend Barbara to you and your organisation as an inspiration and catalyst, to enabling you to reach another level of understanding when it comes to the customer experience."

Kevin Broughton, Toastmaster Australia Executive Support
The Anglican Diocese of Gippsland

"An excellent presenter."

Performance Pilot Author
Greater Melbourne Australia Area

"My consulting organization has hired Barbara Khozam to provide customer service and patient experience training to our clients for more than 11 years. Every single client has praised Barbara for providing them with timely and effective guidance and immediately actionable information; all delivered with understandable terminology, warmth and humor. One of Barbara's greatest strengths is her ability to tailor her programs to a client's specific needs and desired outcomes."

Max Muller
Max Muller & Associates, LLC

"I have a fantastic service story for you. I work in a grocery store and I work around a lot of rude and negative people. After reading your book, I started noticing that guests that come into my job are used to seeing this type of attitude from the employees. I used all of your tips in your book and I have to say people were so shocked at the good customer service that they were seeing in me, guest after guest kept coming up to me for help. While there are other people that could of helped. They came up to me because they loved my positive attitude and friendliness. I would hear some of them say “go to Chris he gives great service and really cares.” While this made my co-workers not like me, it was not only a great experience for me but also for the guests! Your book helped me to become great at giving service to the community."

Christopher, Clerk

"Barbara is an engaging, funny and insightful speaker and group leader - you should hire her right now to elevate your entire customer experience."

Dr. Larry Earl, President of NAOHP
National Association of Occupational Health Professionals

"Feedback from ZOOM session “I really, really enjoyed Barbara Khozam. She had great relatability over zoom. She also kept my attention. thank you for having her.” “Barbara and Sherron's session were absolutely amazing! They had such high energy and kept the audience engaged. They should definitely be keynote speakers next year!”"

Inspiring Women Leaders Conference

"We’re trying to solve really important complex problems. We’re in a very competitive environment right now and we needed our leaders to be equipped with tools to be able to lead their teams to really achieve top performance and provide exceptional service, so we brought Barb in to help us with that. We chose Barb because she is a trusted resource and we’ve used her in the past and she has tremendous expertise. She offers a lot of great insights and she also has a way of delivering a message that’s crystal clear but is a lot of fun so people really listen to her and walk away with gain. I would recommend Barbara. She’s really someone who is easy to work with. She tailored the program to meet our unique needs. She delivered the program in a way that really engages everybody. And she’s really going to help us improve our care experience here because everybody’s on board. She was able to unite everyone. She’s been great!"

Charlotte Lass, Assistant Medical Group Administrator
Kaiser Permanente, San Diego, CA

“Barbara, as we reflect on 2020 accomplishments and performance, we wanted to thank you again for your support and contributions this last year. It’s hard to believe we were finishing our last “Creating Connections” workshops in January last year….it seems like a lifetime ago! Working with you was sure a bright spot for us this year. And your classes helped us earn a 5-star rating on the Office of Patient Advocate “Patients Rate Overall Experience” – this is the first time our company has achieved this rating. We know it has a lot to do with the trainings and inspiration you shared with our company (and all of us) over the last few years.”

Large Medical Group San Diego, CA

“We met Barbara at the Yankee Dental Conference in Boston in Feb, 2019 and loved her dynamic  presentation about Customer service! So much so, that we invited Barbara to come to our office in  Bermuda in July, 2019 for a more personal learning experience. I was a bit apprehensive of the logistics  of getting Barbara over to Bermuda - but it was SUPER easy. Barbara ensured it was a smooth process  and even took care of booking her flight. She remained in constant communication via email, skype or  whattsapp whichever was easiest for us. Barbara made an immediate connection with our staff and the  training sessions were really informative, with real life scenarios and fun at the same time! In the last  few weeks we have had some REALLY good feedback from our patients about our caring,  compassionate, informative and professional Team! Thanks so much Barbara from the Smilesinc Team,  Bermuda. (The rum swizzle is here waiting for you!)”

Carol Palmer, Office Manager
Hamilton, Bermuda HM 09

"“Everyone in our diverse staff benefited from Barbara’s experience and insight in Customer Service. She connected at every level across three generations and numerous backgrounds with her extensive knowledge and ability to make learning fun and exciting! Barbara’s incredible staff conducted interviews and observations of daily activities to enable her to provide us with the information and tools to improve our interactions via face-to-face, telephone and e-mail our internal and external customers. Our entire staff enjoyed her presentations and still remind each other of the “correct” way to handle situations when a conversation maybe headed down the wrong road. I would strongly recommend Barbara and her team to assist in improving customer service in your organization.” Thanks for a tremendous experience!"

Thomas T. Swann, Branch Head Total Force Training/Workforce Development
Southwest Regional Maintenance Center

"ASBWorks and all of our users would like to thank you for an exceptional message. Your delivery was brilliant, your ability to teach was extraordinary, and your personality was hilarious. We could not have asked for a more prepared professional than we received. You are remarkable at what you do. You captured the room and taught us all how to identify personality types quickly so that the communication we presented could be heard. Thank you, Barbara for such an insightful lesson."

Brian Cichella, President

"I attended a seminar by Barbara Khozam in March of 2015. As a supervisor in a healthcare facility, I have approximately 20 staff that I manage so I am always in need of customer service recommendations. With Barbara’s instruction and guidance, we were able to significantly upgrade our level of patient services. In fact, she inspired me so much that I went on to hold workshops predicated on her sound teachings. We had been following our reviews on the web and were not with happy many of the comments we read about our staff. As a result, we decided to start a major customer service improvement campaign for our organization. We need an event to kick it off on a positive note. We made a decision to bring in Barbara Khozam to give a presentation to all of our staff on how our comments and actions effect the way our patients experience their visit to our office. It was a mandatory meeting for all employees on a Saturday morning. I was a bit worried as to how this would be received – especially on a Saturday morning. I did not want the staff to feel “punished” but rather coached into better understanding their behaviors/comments at the office and the impact they have on our patients. My concerns quickly vanished once Barbara started speaking. Her sense of humor during the presentation captured everyone’s attention. The mood was upbeat and even comical at times – but everyone got the message. The staff enjoyed the presentation and spoke of it frequently during the following week. I’m sure some of her sayings will have a lasting impact on my staff as well as their managers. Our kickoff meeting was a success and now we are moving forward in many directions to improve our patients’ experience here at our medical practice. I am so very glad I made the decision to bring Barbara in and am now thinking of making this an annual event."

Maria Zlotnick, Administrator Otolaryngology Associates
PC Fairfax, VA

"With Barbara’s proven techniques, we implemented patient satisfaction surveys and within 90 days our ratings soared to the high 90 percentile with less than 1% of patient complaints. We now receive comments such as “Good customer service,” “Very friendly staff,” “Everyone was nice and polite and introduced themselves.” Barbara is an outstanding spokeswoman that makes learning new skills fun and enjoyable! Her witty sense of humor and entertaining antics make for a wonderful experience for people of all ages and work capacity. I would highly recommend having Barbara at your next corporate event and see for yourself the positive results and outcomes. You will NOT be disappointed!”"

Linda Smith, Supervisor
United Health Centers, Mendota

"I wanted to thank Barbara wholeheartedly for teaching the Public Speaking session of Project Concern International's Global Youth Leadership program. I knew right away when she stepped into the room that this would be one of our best classes, if simply for her great energy and aura. Teaching high schoolers on a Sunday afternoon is a high feat...and from the very first minute, Barbara was able - through her wonderful personality and humor - to engage the students, make them listen to what she had to say and put her suggestions into action immediately. Barb is a master at leading any kind of group at any age into believing in themselves while also challenging people to reach for higher ground. With her infectious personality, yet graceful and playful way as well as her great tempo, she captured everyone's attention and served as a wonderful inspiration to these young, global leaders. The proof of her success was when, at the end of the class, everyone commented that this had been the best and most fun class they had attended in the series so far. Thanks, Barb!"

Uli Imhoff Heine, Senior Director
Development PCI Global

“Barbara Khozam is a gifted trainer.  She is entertaining as well as informative.  She does indepth  preparation for her presentations and knows her audience well.  Her trainings are common sense and  practical, so you can apply them in your work right away.  Barbara not only leaves you laughing but  definitely makes a memorable impression on you. I highly recommend Barbara for any organization – big or small –that takes their client experience very seriously and wants to improve communication and  customer service.”

Cheryl Wolfe, Director
Training & Development Buffini & Company

“Barbara Khozam was a consummate professional in her work with us at the Los Angeles Medical Center. She conveyed our very unique set of trainings as though she had developed them herself. Her presentation style is engaging, clear, and she really keeps the attendees involved using humor. We are frequently stopped by staff members to be told how much her presentation was enjoyed and how much they learned. She makes sure that the audience connects with the important message that is being delivered. Barbara is prompt, reliable, uses feedback usefully. and makes adjustments to her presentation as she progresses. Her first presentation and her 49th presentation, as well as all the ones in between, were delivered with the same high-quality consistency that you want in a trainer. We categorically endorse her and could not have been happier with our choice in her for staff and manager training.”

Anne La Borde, PhD, PsyD Outpatient Care Experience Leader
Los Angeles Medical Center

""Barbara embodies customer service, with a contagious energy and spirit that you can't help but want to emulate. She has an amazing ability to connect with and inspire even the most resistant to change. In my work coordinating trainings at 14 San Francisco clinics, I can say with confidence that Barbara is a very special woman. Her ability to form an immediate and meaningful connection with all clinic staff, providers and leadership is admirable. Barbara has a spark that sticks with you long after the training has ended. She is incredibly inspiring, uplifting, informative and truly a master of her craft. She is incredibly easy to work with; communicative, flexible, and extremely reliable. The accolades received from our clinic staff and administrators speak for themselves. In quality and usefulness of training Barbara scores a 95% (aggregated data from the many clinics we worked with). Many have said it was the best customer service training they had ever attended. Recently, a staff member left the training and exclaimed, to no one in particular, “I feel great!” A provider described the training as, “Contagious.” Another went as far as to rate the training a “10” on a scale of 1 – 5! Thank you, Barbara, for all you have done to improve the patient experience in so many clinics in our network. You have made a measurable difference in the care we provide our members, and the satisfaction of our providers, and clinic staff. San Francisco Health Plan was very lucky the day we found you!" Service Category: Business Consultant Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative"

Suzanne Bruun, Coordinator
Health Improvement Programs San Francisco Health Plan

"Barbara, you conducted an outstanding customer service and team building training/course for our department recently. You were an utmost professional at every step of the process, from initial discussions to preparation for training and the training itself. Your qualities of being deep and detailed and taking ownership from step one is exemplary. The value provided to the group exceeded our expectations! You are very consistent, reliable, and punctual, and your personality suits team building / customer service improvement exercises. We wish you the best in future endeavors!"

Vishal Mehta, VP- MIS Logistics and Customer Care
SynergEyes Inc Greater San Diego Area

“Most sincerely, your presentation was truly wonderful.  You make it useful and relevant.  You use humor in a very skillful way, and it really made your talk wonderfully warm and entertaining. It’s very "people" focused (if that's a proper description).  You present (what can be) a very dry subject in a professional, yet wonderfully personal, way - engaging the audience as much wit and humor as has anyone I've ever seen.  For someone your age, that is quite an accomplishment.”

Tom Sacco
Partner Resolvency Consultants Huntington Beach, CA

"Customer Service is one of the most critical components to business success.  After attending Barbara's presentation in Customer Service at a NAWBO Seminar Series, I was very impressed with her delivery and content, in addition to her impeccable sense of humor.  Her background and expertise in the subject matter is commendable.  I would highly recommend Barbara Khozam, if you would like to take your Customer Service to the next level."

Helna Correll, Chapter Administrator
NAWBO San Diego President, Certified Meeting & Event Consultant Certified Woman-owned Small Business (d.b.a. Hotel Site Pros, Event Planning Pros, & Speaker's Hub)

"Barbara Khozam's enthusiasm infuses audiences in ways caffeine can't. Her tangible tips and insightful anecdotes are laced with humor--keeping the audience engaged and inspired while they absorb valuable takeaways."

Lisa Beezley-Lippman, CareActors Manager
Kaiser Permanente, Glendale, CA