Mazin Jamal

Founder & Executive Director at Holistic Underground

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Mazin Jamal is the founder of Holistic Underground: a leadership & organizational development agency for social movements & businesses. He honed his craft working with leaders and teams around the world, from Malaysia, Ghana and Sudan to the urban heart of the San Francisco Bay Area. He has coached, consulted, and presented for executive leaders and teams from Apple, Google, Postmates, Atlassian, and more. He is a highly requested speaker for top tier universities like UC Berkeley, speaking for thousands of their students.

As a consultant, Mazin Jamal has supported organizations to develop strategies and cultures that allow all participants to thrive, specializing in integrity, diversity, equity, inclusion, and organizational resilience and wellness.

As a speaker, Mazin Jamal is inspiring, engaging, and strikes the perfect balance between humor and vulnerability, creating a space where attendees can look within and have transformational insights. Mazin specializes in creating experiences where attendees can get involved, through personal reflection, journaling, or chatting with other attendees. Through his speaking, he supports each person to see their own personal value and contribution to a larger vision, making everyone feel like they are being spoken to personally.

From capacity building and strategic planning to communicating across differences, Mazin has cultivated a unique approach called PurposePlace™ based upon experiential skill building, values and integrity alignment, and a compassionate space for learning. He has trained many other practitioners in this methodology who are bringing this system to hospitals, companies, institutions, campaigns, startups, and organizations around the world.

Mazin's approach calls forth the integrity, creativity, and wisdom of each participant, empowering them to apply concepts and insights into authentic action.

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"The biggest value was students being able to understand their identity and the role it plays as they begin their journey at Berkeley. I think the presentation helped to set up the experiences they would get at Berkeley and for them to start thinking about where they might find their community and the challenges they might face. I enjoyed the breathing exercise to get students in the mindframe of the conversation that was about to happen."

Oyindamola Bamgbola
UC Berkeley Identity and Belonging Presentation with Dr. John Powell

"A wonderful base for how to bring your full self into work... guidance for our team to embrace the processes and celebrate inclusive outcomes."

Garrett Jacobs
Executive Director, Open Architecture Collaborative Inc.

"It was an amazing experience working with Mazin Jamal. He did a wonderful job facilitating the conversation on Identity and intersectionality with our incoming students. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Oyindamola Bamgbola
Program Coordinator, UC Berkeley (Bear Foundations Incoming Student Orientation)

"Mazin brought so many thought-provoking threads to his talk for our audience, weaving together thoughts about justice, effective communication approaches, and whole-hearted work for each other and the land—all with a welcoming, grounding presence."

Shelley Stonebrook
Program Coordinator, Spring Creek Project at Oregon State University

"Mazin Jamal was the perfect Keynote speaker for our conference - all the attendees couldn’t stop talking about the insights and tools they gained, the connections they made in the guided activities, and the fun they had enjoying the humorous and musical aspects of the presentations on purpose, culture and developing an inclusive culture."

Aria Biswas
Head of Experiential Marketing, Meadow

"Mazin is absolutely amazing to work with. I always felt that what I had to say was valued and taken into consideration. The work that Mazin created was so thoughtful and well-structured. If you are able to work with Mazin Jamal, you should be very thankful!"

Caroline Jones
Student Coordinator 2021, New Student Services, UC Berkeley

"Your training offers an understanding of Allyship from angles that could be digested by all types of people. Your integration of personal experiences really resonated with me. Thank you!"

Cristina Esser
Managing Director, Open Architecture NY

"Mazin is a thought partner and leader in the great journey towards redefining individualism for our times; cultivating leaders that build their brand as a promise to their community, and honor it with integrity."

Saami Bloom
Founder & Creative Director, iindividual

"I thought coaching wasn’t for me until I got curious about seeing my potential from an external perspective... Mazin’s vision is very empowering and clear with no pressure. I leave sessions full of excitement and energy!"

Arturo Mendez
Artist Coach & Director of La Diaspora Festival

"Mazin Jamal brings an incredible lightness of being to DEI work that will inspire and engage your team to create new possibilities...and have fun while doing it."

Katharine Beirce
Founder, Business Casual Yoga

"With Mazin’s support and guidance, I accomplished key ingredients that helped me build my inner confidence and credibility in leading teams."

Grace Jones
Traditional Chinese Medicine Healer

"Maz created space to help me see that I don’t have to wait for my emotions and thoughts to change (or disappear) before taking authentic action toward my deepest life intentions. He helped me realize the way I choose to show up is something I can be in full control of. Working with Maz was very empowering, and a transformative experience I would recommend to anyone."

Anthony J. Chan
Marketing Manager, Human API

"Mazin provides me with both the High level tools to plot my course and also the daily practices to keep the ship on track. Mazin always shows up to his coaching sessions with an earnest sincerity that makes you feel seen and understood. I feel confident confiding in him and I truly believe that he has my best interests in mind."

Aaron Orcino
Program Manager at Kultivate Labs