The Best Things In Life Are We


Oprah has Gayle. Larry has Sergey. Batman has Robin. All of them know the same thing: the journey from good to great cannot be undertaken alone. Which is why at Gravity Speakers, our foremost service–whether you are a speaker, startup, or multinational–is solidarity.

As advocates of change mastery, we scale and stage corporate speaking events that meet the world’s most pressing challenges with leading-edge thinking. Our speakers are modern-day polymaths, inspiring visionaries, innovators, and entrepreneurs to conquer the complexities of our age with creatively robust and intellectually rigorous ideas.

If you are ready to take a step towards greatness at your next speaking event, let us show you the stage where transformational change for a better collective future can be achieved by you, us, we.

Meet our founders

Ricky Singh

Like most middle children, Ricky enjoyed an uncommon vantage point in sociology, directly observing how people navigated the politics of community, culture, and change. Naturally, he has grown to become a consummate opportunist, passionate about reconciling people with ideas that accelerate their personal growth. Bringing this agility to his own speakers bureau seems like the thing he was literally born to do.

Nausheen Abdul Aziz

Born in Singapore, emboldened in California, and a vocational media practitioner with turns in mortgage banking and addiction treatment, Nausheen is not one to fit into a single checkbox. To her, being a maverick is a full-time job, ideas should be a dietary staple, diversity is a verb, and curiosity is the only compass the world needs. You can’t help but agree with this caped crusading savant.


Amaz1n Media


Gravity has partnered with Amaz1n Media, a digital media company that specialized in video production, speaker reel creation, and virtual and hybrid event management. They're here to put YOUR STORY in focus.



Lightspace is a branding & development agency based in San Diego, California and Miami, Florida, USA. They maintain and manage the Gravity Speakers website and are an integral part of what makes us tick.

Colour Outside


Colour Outside is a team of designers, brand strategists, and digital programmers with offices in Williamsburg, Virginia and Lodi, California. They empower Gravity and our Exclusives to boldly take ownership of their identity and stand out against the noise.