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Award-Winning Journalist, Podcast Producer, Public Speaker, Consultant, Advocate for Hip Hop culture

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Georgia, USA


Michael “Manny Faces” Conforti is an award-winning journalist, podcast professional, public speaker and independent scholar. Much of his work focuses on advocating for the use of Hip Hop music and culture as a tool to improve lives, livelihoods and communities throughout the nation and the world, in areas including education, science and technology, health and wellness, politics and social justice, business and entrepreneurialism, the fine arts, spirituality and self-help, and more.

In 2015, he founded The Center for Hip-Hop Advocacy (, an organization utilizing journalism, original research, and media/public outreach to increase awareness and understanding of Hip Hop’s important artistic and cultural contributions. Through the organization, he co-authored “Reputation of Hip-Hop,” a research study which examined public perception of Hip Hop music and culture.

In 2017, Manny was recruited to produce News Beat (, a groundbreaking, multiple award-winning podcast series that melds high-level social justice journalism – interviews with experts, activists and those affected by injustice – with music and original Hip Hop lyrics crafted by independent rap artists. News Beat has received many journalism industry awards, most prominently, Best Podcast at the 2018 and 2021 New York Press Club Journalism Awards.

In 2018, Manny launched Hip-Hop Can Save America! (, an interview-style podcast highlighting people and organizations utilizing Hip Hop music and culture in innovative, inspiring, and surprising ways. The show sits on the ‘recommended materials’ list at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Manny is also an accomplished DJ, producer/remixer, event host, and public speaker, advocating on behalf of Hip Hop music, culture, and community. He has spoken at, moderated, and participated in panel discussions, workshops, and conferences at universities, organizations, and festivals throughout the country and the world.

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"You opened my eyes to entirely new perspectives of what Hip Hop means. You gave us a lot of great food for thought that I trust will spur action to look for new ways to tap into Hip Hop going forward."

Keshav P

"I could listen to this a thousand times and love it more each time. Such an awesome way to kick off our events!"

Richard A.

"Thank you TIMES A MILLION for making our event SO special!!"

Aysha U.

"Just watched this talk and it’s so great! Loved it and sharing as widely as possible. Thank you 🙌"

Product Inclusion, Snap
Cindy J

"I do not know where to start to thank you. You not only came through at the last minute but you delivered on a level I have never seen before. I was reflecting and thinking this presentation was in my top five but I’d like to switch that to number one. This is not a typical thank you email in following up on a presentation. I am truly thankful in what you presented – top notch!"

Robert K.

"Man, I really enjoyed your Hip Hop and technology talk. I appreciate you bringing this perspective to this particular audience, because Hip Hop was the LAST thing I expected to encounter there. I'm a software engineer and I make beats as a hobby, so I personify the intersection of Hip Hop and Hacker cultures. Anyway, you're a dope ambassador for both. I just had to tell you that you're doing God's work!"

Thomas P.
Quality Engineer, Snap

"Manny, I’ve heard nothing but overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who attended. You were terrific."

Nathalie D.

"That was a great damn talk!"

E. Briannica

"Thank you so much! I learned a lot about how Hip-Hop can be used in literally any aspect of life. You were great!!"

High School Student

"The talk from @MannyFaces on hip hop and tech evolution was super dope. Thanks for your contribution to both!"