Paula Caligiuri

Communication, Teamwork, and Cultural Agility Expert, Founder and CEO of Skiilify, Author

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Paula Caligiuri is a work psychologist dedicated to helping companies, teams, and professionals become effective in today's multicultural environment.

Paula Caligiuri is the Co-Founder and CEO of Skiilify, a public benefit corporation dedicated to helping people build cross-cultural competencies and companies build a culture of inclusiveness.  She is a Distinguished Professor of International Business at Northeastern University where she hosts the podcast International Business Today.  

Paula has authored or co-authored several award-winning research articles and books – including, Build Your Cultural Agility written for professionals and Cultural Agility: Building a Pipeline of Successful Global Professionals, written for HR managers. She is an instructor for two LinkedIn Learning courses Managing Globally (translated to multiple languages) and Six Skills to Build Cultural Agility (newly released).

Named as one of the most prolific authors in international business for her work in the areas of multicultural effectiveness, global leadership development, and fostering cultural agility, her publications include several articles in leading academic journals including International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of World Business, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology, and International Journal of Intercultural Relations.  She has served as an Area Editor for the Journal of International Business Studies and as a Senior Editor for the Journal of World Business.

Paula has been a frequent expert guest on CNN and CNN International.  She was a semi-finalist for the Forbes “50 over 50” for co-founding Skiilify to help foster cross-cultural understanding through the free online tool myGiide.

She holds a Ph.D. from Penn State in Organizational Psychology and is a Fellow of both the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and the Academy of International Business.

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As the world becomes both more global and local at the same time, "culture" matters more than ever. Too many have a superficial view of culture as values or patterns. Paula provides rigorous insights based on her theory (why cultures exist), research (data to show what cultures should exist), and practice (how to evolve the right culture). As a results of these insights, she offers solutions that work.

Dave Ulrich
Speaker, Author, Professor, Thought Partner on Human Capability

“Paula Caligiuri is a brilliant scholar, author, and speaker. She was recently the opening keynote at a conference we held in Milan. Her talk was highly engaging, thought-provoking, and applicable. She has an amazing ability to draw out the key findings of her research on cultural agility and present them in a way that resonates with audience members. Her knowledge, stage presence, and ability to connect is truly inspiring! I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Marissa Lombardi
Executive Director, Forum on Education Abroad

“Dr Paula Caligiuri delivered a flawless talk on Cultural Agility. A life-time of research and global experience makes Dr Caligiuri's talks relevant, insightful and mind-opening. Thanks so much!”

Maiken Engsbye
VP HR EMEA at Santen

“Dr. Caligiuri brings the rare combination of expertise and engagement to her audience. She was a featured speaker on the topic of Cultural Agility at our science advisory board meeting and it was a highlight of the event.“

John Weiner
Chief Science Officer at Lifelong Learner Holdings, parent of PSI and Talogy

“Every organization should hire Paula to share her valuable strategies for building cultural agility. Not only is she an engaging speaker with a gift for making this topic relevant and relatable, she is also brilliant at providing skills that are immediately actionable. In a world where global teams depend on communication for productivity, hiring gifted speaker & author Paula Caligiuri is the best investment you can ever make!“

Nadia Bilchik
TV Personality, speaker, author, communications consultant, CNN

“Dr. Caligiuri’s talk on Cultural Agility was a highly attended session during LearnFest ‘22 – our two week company-wide learning immersion with internal and external speakers that underscores our commitment to ‘Passion for Learning’, a Turnitin Value. Her storytelling, fresh examples, and actionable tips are spot on for a globally diverse audience. Her presence commands and engages everyone, and her research woven throughout establishes luminary-level credibility. During our time with her, we learned that cultural agility is a highly necessary skill in business today, particularly as we all are working across demographically different populations (i,e., national cultures, generations, genders, etc.). Importantly, it’s a capability that we all can hone with intentionality and the right tools. I began learning Global Talent Management under Dr. Caligiuri during my Rutgers grad studies, and it's fantastic to continue learning from her brilliance!”

Marissa Farrar
Chief People Officer at Turnitin

“Paula is an excellent and well-informed researcher on the topic of building cultural agility. Her address to our organization on this topic was well-researched, informative, engaging, and useful for our attendees and helped paint a clearer picture of how to use cultural agility in the workplace. Highly recommend Paula as both a source of reliable information and a talented speaker on the subject.“

LeClaire Teets Hammerle
Manager, Global Talent Science

“We invited Paula to conduct two workshops on Cultural Agility for our global team. It was nothing short of an instant classic as it left team members wanting for more. Besides enthusiastic, cheerful and spirited delivery, Paula's take on Cultural Values and Competencies was extremely insightful. Team's ability to compare their Cultural Agility results with that of organization's and global/regional norms brought the point home quite eloquently.”

Asif Zulfiqar
Chief People Officer, Incapsulate

“I have known Prof Paula from an international, cross culture business subject for my HR masters degree decades ago and have since followed and used her cross culture app and assessment tools for our company’s global placement around the world. Recently Prof Paula guided and led our efforts in leadership development for global, cultural agility to our frontline leader essentials workshop with the aim of enhancing a global business mindset to our leaders. I couldn’t say more of her dedication, commitment and professionalism in spreading the wings of cultural agility mindset which each and every business leaders should have in today’s border less business. Drop me a note if you’d like to know more of her wonderful influence to make the business world a better community inasmuch as culture and culture agility is concerned.”

Wisnu Prasedyoko
Manager HR & General Affairs at HCML

“Paula is an excellent presenter that is not only an expert in her field, but she has the ability to convey her message in an authentic, entertaining, and motivational way. I can truly recommend Paula as an excellent presenter at conferences, in-company events, and webinars.“

Hennie Kriek
CEO and President TTS-Top Talent Solutions

“Paula is a world-renowned expert not only on Cultural Agility but on a much broader range of contemporary global management topics. She speaks accessibly and engagingly, providing a perfect balance of ideas based on rigorous research and actionable advice that can help any aspiring – or established— global manager. But her presentations reflect much more than her expertise. Her love of her work and her enthusiasm when she shares it are infectious! They can ignite a fire that quickly takes over a room and stays with participants well beyond their interaction with her. I cannot recommend her enough! “

Mila Lazarova
Professor, Simon Fraser University

“Paula is an absolutely brilliant scholar in the space of Cultural Agility, but even better, she very effectively explains the concepts and is an engaging and effervescent speaker. We have hosted her through the State Department's Overseas Security Advisory Council's Middle East and North Africa Regional Committee to share her knowledge, and I know we were all the better for the training and guidance she provided in navigating our complicated. I cannot recommend her highly enough - the competencies she shares (and helps to build) are - and will continue to be - critical in effective engagement and leadership across cultures.”

Angela Lewis

“For the past two decades, Paula has always been my “go to” resource when it comes to global/cross cultural management. Her solid research background coupled with pragmatic practitioner knowledge makes her an ideal fountain of wisdom for companies and CXOs planning to: 1. Venture abroad; 2. Fix its current cross cultural challenges; and 3. Consolidate current portfolio of international businesses. I strongly recommend her.“

Ramon B. Segismundo
General Management Adviser, Leadership Coach