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Relational Intelligence Expert, Author, Speaker

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Oklahoma, USA


Jeremie Kubicek is a powerful communicator, serial entrepreneur and content builder. He creates content used by some of the largest companies around the globe found in the books he has authored: The 100X Leader, 5 Voices, 5 Gears, the National Bestseller — Making Your Leadership Come Alive, and The Peace Index, released in the Fall of 2022. His latest book, The Communication Code, co-authored with his business partner, debuted in November of 2023 as Amazon’s Top New Release in Business Management.

Jeremie is the Co-Founder of GiANT, a company that certifies coaches and consultants that serve companies and their employees. Jeremie has started over 25 companies while living in Oklahoma City, Moscow, Atlanta and London.

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The 5 Code Words of Communication

Unleash the Power of Your Voice

Power Tools for High Performing Teams

The 5 Gears for Balanced Productivity

The Secrets of Maximizing Potential

Jeremie Kubicek - 2023 Speaking Reel
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“Jeremie Kubicek clearly shares what so many influential leaders have come to know: there’s a huge difference between authority and responsibility and between influence and power.”

Seth Godin, Bestselling Author

“Jeremie is a gifted speaker. His presentation on topics of leadership, creating healthy cultural, and personal growth are powerful. 

Once you have experienced liberation, you wake up each morning looking for opportunities to liberate others.”

Todd Vinson, Founder, EOTE Coffee

“Who doesn’t want to unlock every relationship in their lives. [The Communication Code] is timely in an era of disconnection. Read it and win!"

Molly Fletcher, Author of The Energy Clock

“I write songs to unlock people and get them to relax. Jeremie and Steve write books to do the same. [The Communication Code] is changing the way I deal with people. Don’t miss it.”

Breland, Platinum Selling Recording Artist

“Every single week I help people work on their relationships and The Communication Code is one of my go-to tools that I use to help unlock people. I use it personally as well in so many of my own relationships and can honestly say that if you use The Communication Code you will drastically improve your life, almost immediately.”

Dr. Ed Newton, Sr. Pastor, CBC San Antonio

“Relationships are stories―some good, some bad. Jeremie and Steve have created a formula to reset what everyone wants, better relationships. Enjoy!”

Nancy Duarte, CEO of Duarte and bestselling author

“In all of my years of leading organizations, positive relationships were the key tenets. If people can trust each other then they can communicate effectively. The world needs better leaders and The Communication Code gives you a set of tools to build better relationships to work together to enable cultures to serve the greater good with an integrated life.”

Alan Mulally, Former CEO of Ford Motor Company

“I’ve been working with GiANT for years and can honestly say, these tools work. The Communication Code is a mirror that challenges you to improve every relationship if you choose to accept it. You simply need to adopt it.”

Robert Kellogg, CEO, WatersEdge

“5 Voices is in everyday use inside our organization. The powerful vocabulary helps our people to communicate and lead more effectively and to fulfill our passion for enabling our people to be the best that they can be.”

John Cottrell, CEO, Endava

“5 Voices is a thought provoking, insightful, and applicable concept for all organizations.…business, government, health care, ministry, education or other non-profits. The book is well written and full of examples that help the 5 Voices principles come alive.”

Tim Tassopoulos , Executive VP of Operations, Chick-Fil-A

“This book will change the way you communicate. 5 Voices helps leaders find their voice and understand how they’re heard. These pages are a tool that will enhance your self-awareness and extend your influence.”

Dan Rockwell, Blogger, Leadership Freak