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Millennial Generation Expert and Technology Speaker

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Keynote, Virtual Presentation, Panelist, Fireside Chat, Moderator, Webinar, Workshop and TrainingJeff Butler is an author and workplace strategist who explores human behavior within the working world. His experience spans over 40 industries in 4 continents on how different cultures and employees interact with each other. He studies common threads of behavior in industries such as IT professionals, underground utility workers, and police officers to clothing retail chains. In addition, companies like Google, Amazon, John Deere, and Coldwell Banker. As a researcher and practitioner, he also runs a consulting company and a tech company, TrinityFix where he is able to test his ideas in different workplace environments. His ideas have made it to TEDx twice and appeared in dozens of media outlets including two books on human behavior:- The Authentic Workplace and The Key To The New You. Currently, he lives in Dallas, Texas as an out-of-place Californian.

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"Jeff’s talk…it was awesome! Hire him!"


"I was really moved by Jeff’s talk. He spoke from the heart and really cares about the audience. So glad we got Jeff for our event!"

TEDx Organizer

"Jeff spoke to my team at Mulesoft and gave a very entertaining talk on technology. Definitely recommend for your company event!"

Sales at Mulesoft

“Jeff spoke at our company and wow he is a very powerful speaker. He had us in a trace with excellent information to improve our lives with technology!”

Head of Education at Wells Fargo

“I brought Jeff in for a company wide event and he delivered excellent value in a very entertaining way. Unlike other speakers where they are entertaining and lack value, or very valuable but not entertaining. Can’t wait to start applying what we learned!”

Head of HR at Fond

“High energy. Very engaging. Very enjoyable.”

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