Kim Crayton

The Antiracist Economist, Advisor, Educator, Mentor

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Atlanta, USA


As the Antiracist Economist, Kim Crayton is dedicated to building a future that Is Supremacy, Coercion, Discrimination, and Exploitation FREE. Formerly known for #causeascene, she used her platform to call out harm and the facade of inclusion, often advising tech companies that were experiencing “challenges” when it came to ensuring the welcoming and psychological safety of their work environment.

After years of the status quo, Kim has shifted. She is no longer putting out fires and instead is ready to focus her time and efforts on moving forward. Having worked many years as an educator she decided to also become the mentor she wished she’d had. Using her own lived experience to guide her, Kim has been actively working, as an advisor, educator, and mentor, to support the development of businesses that model Profit Without Oppression by sharing knowledge and helping others develop skills in ways that accommodate the masses. In doing so Kim is laying the foundation for a Future that is Hopeful, Authentic, and Strategic in Action…are you in?

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Guiding Principles of Kim’s Economic Theory, Profit Without Oppression Explained

Understanding Welcoming & Psychological Safety In The Workplace

Systems Thinking vs. Siloed Thinking: The Critical Pivot

Profit Without Oppression with Kim Crayton
Fireside Chat with N Liberty White, Kim Crayton, and Brandeis Marshall
Podcats: The Antiracist Economy
What is Biz Development Lab?
First Do No Harm - Kim Crayton


"Kim is an exceptional teacher and human being. Her body of work and materials have opened my eyes to my own biases and her distinct, undeserving kindness is helping those around her."

Ramón Huidobro
DevRel, Developer Education and OSS

“​​I first came across Kim on Twitter and at that time I was still trying to interject myself into conversations I had no right to be vocal in.

Kim has taught me over the past 2-3 years that watching and listening, reading and learning is the only way I will be able to understand, and that is exactly what I do.

I didn’t need to have an opinion on everything. Her educational material, her workshops, her tweets have told me to sit back as a mediocre white tech guy and practice anti-racism daily.

I strongly recommend Kim’s workshops, as well as people follow her and support her work as it is beneficial for people like myself to learn and listen.”

Todd Libby
Senior Accessibility Engineer, W3C Invited Expert

“Kim has been instrumental in helping me, a white cishet man, understand how oppression and white supremacy work and more importantly, give me the tools to combat them. Kim's approach of digging down a few layers to get past the obvious problems to their real root causes and her ability to teach others how to do this and how to spot the pattern of how white supremacy operates is second to none. Kim inspires you to want to fight for an end to oppression, and has a roadmap for how to tackle such a daunting task, which enables you to actually do the work instead of just talking about it.”

Josh Glover

“Anyone who has ever worked with Kim Crayton recognizes that at her core, she is an educator. And, like the best educators, she makes all those around her better. Not just because of her insight from many years of experience but also because she truly walks the walk of her core values. Kim’s particular genius is in her ability to diagnose structural weaknesses within an organization and to repair them by bringing together diverse people, tools, and approaches. Her keen understanding of the insidious nature of oppression informs her work at all levels. Having worked with her to build a board, a brand, and an organization, I count myself lucky to have been able to learn beside her. Soak up her wisdom, it is a priceless gift.”

Marisa Catalina Casey
Author, activist, & Board Chair of We Pivot

“Kim is an amazing thinker and builder. I think many of us have wondered or doubted we could create justice in our current systems. Deeply looking forward to digging into Kim’s point of view and what there is to be learned about divorcing making money from the constant assault of racialized oppression.”

Karla Monterroso
Founder and Managing Partner, Brava Leaders

“Kim’s work towards building inclusive spaces has been invaluable to my journey towards minimizing harm in the community. Kim’s teachings keep me moving forward on the right path towards creating and maintaining an inclusive community. This knowledge is more important than ever as I begin my journey as an engineering manager. I encourage all white folx, especially those in leadership positions, to take Kim’s courses and read her book. It’s our responsibility to create a safe and inclusive community, and Kim’s work can help us get there.”

Emma Bostian

"Before even attending any of Kim's workshops, I got to see her speak where she changed my point of view on effective mentoring. After attending Kim's workshops, I was able to look at my own actions to see where and how I can improve myself. Both in terms in my antiracist practice, as well as reducing harm when working with other."

Mike Hartington

“Kim's work and teachings have absolutely ruined the way I operate in the tech industry, and I am forever grateful for that. I can no longer let certain behaviours slide, I can no longer leave certain comments unaddressed. Most importantly, I now see why and how things are broken and what to do about them where previously I just had a feeling that something was off, or just carried on as usual.”

Gabor Javorsky

“Kim has had a critical impact on my attitudes and behaviors thanks to her endless lessons and direct focus on harmful patterns in everyday scenarios. I was on a path of cliche white feminism when our paths crossed and I'm eternally grateful for the ways in which she both directly and indirectly helped me to begin my course correction. I know my work is ongoing so I'm extremely excited to absorb her book and to continue my growth while echoing her wisdom in all spaces. Kim changed my world!”

Kristen Seversky

“I am thrilled that Kim took her voice, expertise and passion and threw it into book, especially in today’s political and social climate. Kim’s experience as a Black woman, and knowledge as both a student and educator are invaluable. I admire Kim for doing this hard, and often thankless, work without compromise and for being transparent, and remaining true to the mission. If anyone were to put out a book about our failed systems and processes, and wake up readers as to where and how improvements need to be made within them, I would think of no one better than Kim.”

Pariss Chandler
Founder & CEO of Black Tech Pipeline, Creator of #BlackTechTwitter