Magie Cook

CEO & Founder of Maggie's Salsa LLC, Author & Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Coach

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Clearwater, Florida, USA


Magie is the founder of a company that she started with just $800 and later sold to Campbells Soup for 231M. She helps entrepreneurs discover their hidden personal power so they can increase their revenue and make a bigger impact in the world.

After living a life of poverty in an orphanage for 18 years, Magie developed some mindset strategies to help cope with the challenges, and these strategies changed her life. With over 30 years of experience, Magie is now dedicated to helping others unleash their full potential using her mind optimization techniques to accelerate their true success.

Magie is an internationally recognized speaker and expert in the field of business and personal development. She has been featured in publications, magazines, and television networks such as Daystar TV, Bloomberg TV’s “The American Dream” and many more.

She is the recipient of numerous awards including the Hall of Fame at the University of Charleston and Nobel Entrepreneur Prize in Mexico. She works with many Fortune 100 and 500 companies, as well as A-listers including professional athletes, influencers and thought leaders.

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Overcome Any Adversity & Discover Your True Potential

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“Magie had us laughing, crying, and rejoicing! She was a breath of fresh air and exactly what we needed!”

Amy M.
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

“Your story was funny, ironic, engaging and your success was a testimony to your in venerable spirit as a businesswoman. You were a refreshing and welcome change. Voices like yours need to be heard by our industry.”

Rick McClintock
VP, JPMorgan Chase

“Magie is a true professional with an empowering, heartfelt story. She is a force and has genuinely risen from the ashes in triumph. She has been a real inspiration.”

Pam Provo
EVP of Business Development, Provo Financial Services, Inc

“An incredible speech. Love the authenticity and the shoes for sure. What an amazing blessing it was to see you speak in person. Thank you for lighting a fire in me!”

Adeline C.
Washington State Department of Commerce

“Magie is in high demand. She was the hit of the conference. Everyone was talking about her.”

Marianne Keehan
Vice President, TD Bank

“Wow! Even though I heard you speak before, you still blew me (and us) away! Yours was one of the best keynotes in the 20 years of our conference. Thanks for sharing your story.”

Ross Gibson
Director of the State Council | SHRM

“Bravo! I cried throughout your presentation both happy and sad tears. You have forced me to take a look at myself and change for the better.“

Kathy Harris
Director of Speakers Bureau | SHRM

“I have never before shed a tear or laughed so hard at a commencement speech, nor have I ever seen a commencement speaker get two standing ovations!!”

Rick F.
Business Professor, The University Of Charleston

“You are truly a marvel and I’m immensely grateful you are in my life! It is done and I’m feeling every bit of joy knowing it’s happening now”

Nikisha H.
NK Focus Formula

“I received so many compliments on your presentation and willingness to share with the Top of the Table group. You are an inspiration to us all. The meeting turned out to be a huge success and you set the stage by opening it in such a wonderful way.”

Matt H.
Resource 1, Inc.

“Magie is one of the best professionals I have worked with! Her personal attitude proves that the many obstacles that she had to overcome on her life path have made her a better, stronger and compassionate person.”

Marian Kanev
Future Frame Expo 2020 Organizer