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Why You Should Hire a Speaker Instead of a Consultant
December 13, 2021 9:16 PM
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The agile business world we are moving into requires new resourcefulness. Many organizations have tried hiring consultants to fix their business issues, but there is often a gap between the organization and the consultant which takes time and money to close, due in part to the challenge of learning about an organization from scratch. Gravity Speakers is helping organizations save time and money by providing speakers who can come in without all the fuss that comes with hiring consultants.

Consulting From Within

There is nobody more capable of effectively solving your problems than the people within your company. Instead of trying to have a consultant learn your business and its problems, hire a speaker to speak powerfully on the issues that matter to your business. You know your organization and the challenges you face better than an outside consultant. We believe that empowering your own leadership and people is the best way to not only solve your problems today, but to build value that stays with your company for tomorrow.

You don’t need a new player, you need a coach. You know what your problems are, so what’s missing? How do you motivate your team and give them the vision to solve those problems? This is where a speaker can make a huge difference. Consider it the next generation of consulting. No long contracts, no extensive planning, no costly implementation. Have a speaker, who is an expert in their field, customize their topic to address your key issues to all stakeholders at once. Once your people feel empowered and inspired, they can implement the changes by going back and executing against those newly learned goals.

Minimal Footprint, Maximum Impact

Traditional consulting just takes too much time and money. All the overhead is caused by the ongoing relationship and trying to get consultants up to speed with what is going on so you can get their advice. For most organizations, this can be disruptive and there are no guarantees that the consultation will actually solve your problems. By having a speaker come and speak on the true challenges affecting your organization you can minimize cost, rollout, and time and deliver valuable information and motivation in a single speaking engagement.

The Power of Consulting, the Simplicity of Speaking

It’s time to rethink how you use 3rd parties to solve your business problems. Consultants can push your business into seeing things in a new way, but so can speakers. The difference is speakers don’t need countless hours, meetings, and access to all aspects of your business. Gravity Speakers can help you select speakers who address the issues your business is having or areas you want to strengthen within your organization. Speakers can get all your leaders and employees on the same page, inspire them, share insight, change mindsets, and motivate your people to grow your business and overcome your problems. Speakers put the power back into your employees and leaders directly creating a stronger company culture and provide focus on key issues. This can be done as simply as setting up a talk and you can use the low footprint of time and money to address a variety of issues over the year, as needed. It’s time for you to get agile, get motivated, and hire Gravity Speakers to grow your business.