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3 Ways Gravity Speakers Increases Your Value as a Keynote Speaker to Event Organizers and Attendees
March 15, 2023 1:18 PM
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Speakers bureaus offer the invaluable service of managing speakers, but at Gravity Speakers, we’re responsible for more than just securing bookings, negotiating fees, and overseeing logistics. We offer our speakers tailored, in-depth support to increase your value to event organizers and attendees. We’ll collaborate to strategize how to expand your reach, raise your prominence, and enhance your marketability.

1. Sharpen your competitive advantage with our pricing knowledge

Gravity Speakers works with event organizers from all industries. Our speakers have appeared on the largest stages, like Hubspot's Inbound, Afrotech, and Anita Borg's Grace Hopper. They have spoken at events for prominent companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, and Salesforce. We know what it takes to go from negotiations to the spotlight of the stage, and part of that insight is our insider pricing knowledge. As one of Gravity’s speakers, you’ll benefit from our years of experience when it comes to the often confusing task of setting rates. With our negotiating expertise, we’ll help you increase your ROI while remaining competitive in the industry.

2. Sustain your market relevance by aligning your expertise with trends

Social media, art, entertainment, politics, world events, science, and technology — these sectors all influence our complex and ever-shifting culture. However, at the rate that society throttles headfirst toward change, it can be difficult—if not impossible—to keep up with trends. You’re not alone. It can be overwhelming for anyone, not just corporate speakers, to stay culturally informed when inundated with daily hot topics, new standards of vocabulary, and popular TikTok dances. Thankfully, you don’t have to stay in the loop on your own. We’ve got you covered.

Through Gravity Speakers consulting services for speakers, we’ll help you align your expertise with ever-shifting influences. Regardless of your niche, our team can work with you to find ways to adapt your message so it successfully lands with your audience. Of course, your core themes might remain the same—some principles are unchanging—but we can help you learn new ways to frame your content. So whether your specialty is diversity and inclusion, employee and customer engagement, innovation, technology, or work-life balance, we’ll help you position yourself as a relevant expert.

3. Enhance your marketability by creating original content in your areas of expertise

If staying on top of the latest trends is exhausting, try and market yourself as a one-person show. Between the various social media platforms, image sizing guidelines (Hint: they vary from platform to platform and post type to post type), graphic design skills required, and engagement responsibilities, it can be overwhelming. Gravity Speakers will not only raise your prominence with high-frequency appearances on our online channels, but we’ll create original content custom to you. That means considering your personality, approach, speaking topics, and relevant trends.

At Gravity Speakers, representation is not a service; it’s a strategy. That means we’re focused on developing an approach that truly works for you. So if you’re ready to make yourself more competitive, let’s chat; we’d love to strategize.

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