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5 Reasons You Should Use A Speakers Bureau For Your Events
December 15, 2021 9:47 PM
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You are ready for your next big event, budgets are approved, expectations are set, and now it’s time to find the perfect speakers. This is a pivotal time, even if you have a list of favorites or ideas the expectation is to at least have an event as good as last year or better. Thousands of event-goers are counting on you to make the perfect choice. What is your process? There are risks with taking a shot on new speakers you have met or even worse, Googled. In this post, I will take you through 5 reasons you should use a speakers bureau for your next event.

1: Vetted Speakers

It’s great to meet people or ask for recommendations on social for who you should book for your next event but there are many flaws with this process. The first is you don’t have a relationship with the speaker so you don’t know what to expect. Dealing with speakers who are going it alone can be very risky and once you choose that route you become the manager and take on all risks. That is a lot for someone you met for 10 minutes at a conference no matter how impressive they seemed.

Speakers in a bureau have already been vetted by someone whose  primary purpose is matching the right speakers to the right events. That is a huge factor often overlooked. You have a vested interest in succeeding, but for the speakers bureau, it is everything.  When choosing a bureau to work with, size isn’t everything. It’s about relationships. Choose a bureau that takes the time to give you the attention and a thorough, individualistic approach.

2: Save Time

Whether you have a huge event and need tons of speakers or if you need a highly specialized  few, research and even asking for referrals takes time. As an event coordinator, it makes sense to leverage your time so you can reinvest it into pulling the whole event together. This goes hand-in-hand with the vetting side of using a speakers bureau. You are taking advantage of the years of time they have spent finding the best speakers for events  and eliminating speakers that don’t make sense.

Who doesn’t like one-stop shopping? Need multiple speakers and don’t want to turn it into a logistics nightmare, speakers bureaus that are picky or specialized can give you many options for the perfect mix. They have insight into the topics, speakers, and combinations of speakers that you may not have across a broad range of topics  so you get the value of synergy and dynamics which play into the success of putting on an event or a conference.

3: Right Pricing

Most people may think that it costs more to use a bureau, but actually, the speaker pays the cost and you don’t only get a speaker, you get someone who is managing the details start to finish which saves even more money by letting you invest your time into the event and not the speakers. Another big savings is a speakers bureau has already negotiated the prices for you so you can come to them with your budget and what you need and they can match you up to help get the most out of your meeting dollars. This includes the right speaker or combination of speakers at the right total budget.

4: Specialized Support

Managing an event from planning to execution requires total focus and anyone who has put on a conference or big event knows that the more help you have the better. The problem is most people on your team associated with the event already have roles to fill. When you use a speakers bureau you get a dedicated (and free) highly skilled team providing support for all the issues that can come up along the way. Event planning, speaker travel arrangements, and the multitude of other minor and major issues are no longer on your shoulders or the speaker’s alone. This is a key factor in pulling off an exceptional event.

5: Mitigating Risk

Creating an amazing event and outdoing yourself from last year’s event means your reputation is on the line. The risk involved for event professionals is also tied to financial risk and the cost of the event, not just the speakers but the whole event. Speakers are the heart of the event and can make or break the experience for everyone. One of the ways you can mitigate risk is using a speakers bureau. They keep costs in line, vet speakers, and manage the speaker from start to finish while providing additional support.

So there you go, at Gravity Speakers, our goal is for you and the speakers to have an amazing time and deliver an exceptional experience for your attendees year after year. We have hand-selected our speakers and believe they represent some of the top voices and fresh insights that can make your event something to remember and we keep our fingers on the pulse of new voices on the rise. Take a look through our speaker list and contact us today to talk about your next amazing event.