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Looking Back / Thinking Forward
December 13, 2021 9:26 PM
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As we start the new year we thought it would be appropriate to share with you what has happened with us over the last year for us as a brand, as individuals, and highlighting what we look forward to in 2019.

2018 is the year it all began! Starting new things can often be scary, but with great people everything is possible. We are in the people business and nothing is more rewarding than helping amazing people tell their story and share their expertise, this just happens to be our story.

Not only is our business about representing and enabling the speakers we are connected with, but it also included adding an addition to our team… enter the bearded wonder, Ross Quintana. Over the past year, our team has established the Gravity Speakers brand creating exponential growth. Here is a recap of 2018 from all of us and our hope for a prosperous 2019.

Nausheen and Ricky

It would be a severe understatement to say that 2018 has been a significant year for Ricky and me. 2018 became the year we got married, after 10 years built on love and friendship. 2018 became the year we decided to take control of our wealth, putting trust and faith in our instincts. 2018 became the year we learned what we’re made of and found our capacity for growth, both personally and professionally, is unrelenting. And it all started from a singular question we posed ourselves at the end of 2017, “How can we make a positive change in the world we live in, individually and collectively?”

This one question became an intention and it opened a door that led to brilliant and interesting people with ideas that needed to be shared, snowballing into a community of like-minded people all asking the same question as us. We have always and will always place a priority in our relationships and we are so grateful for each and every connection we made last year. There is no doubt in our minds, looking back on how 2018 has unfolded, that the year was living proof of the power of manifestation. We’re reaffirmed that words should not be wasted, words hold power, words have gravity, and we will continue to find different ways to answer that same question as we carry it forward to 2019.


This last year has easily been one of the best years of my life. As a power networker, I am constantly meeting new people and people are really my passion. Many people know me from the social media work I do, helping brands and thought leaders grow their audiences online and their personal brand. I also have all of my own projects I am working on like my first book on entrepreneurship and overcoming your personal obstacles to achieve your highest potential. This, of course, happens in between my work and raising 8 children. Life is never dull for me.

When I met Nausheen and Ricky I instantly knew they were the type of people I wanted to work with. I’m super proud of the work we have done and the results we have already accomplished in 2018 and 2019 looks to build on that and be an incredible year. I choose to work with only amazing people and I am blessed to be able to work with Gravity Speakers to not only amplify the voices of our speakers and grow our brand and audience but also to interview and write content about the awesome group of people we associate with.

We couldn’t have done this without all of you. We thank everyone who has embraced our brand and what we are doing from the speakers who have chosen to be associated with us, to the partnerships, vendors, events managers, organizations, and all of our brand advocates. Thank you all so much for being part of our success!


Our list of speakers is constantly growing and we are just getting started. We aren’t trying to be the biggest, we just want to add quality voices to enrich conversations around the globe. One of our big commitments is to represent the often underrepresented voices. You can check out our latest post on Representing the Underrepresented where we dig into our philosophy and highlight some of the fantastic speakers we have recently added that not only come from underrepresented groups but also advocate for inclusion and diversity.

We have many things planned for 2019 to build on the tremendous growth we have had. This includes adding exciting new speakers, creating original content showcasing our amazing group of speakers, adding new features and functionality to our website, and creating additional resources for our speakers to grow their personal brands and speaking careers. Make sure you are following us on social media (Twitter Facebook Linkedin) to stay up to date on all the latest from Gravity Speakers and let’s make 2019 the best year ever!  

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