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Speaking of the Future: At the Forefront of Change
July 6, 2023 1:07 PM
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Gravity Speakers is proud to maintain a highly curated roster of speakers covering a complex and relevant range of topics to address our ever-evolving world. Whether that’s answering the question of how AI will shape the future of the job market or staying on top of public speaking trends, our speakers are invested in forming deep connections with their audiences regardless of the subject matter. They’re unapologetic proponents of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and bring this inclusive mindset to their topics, whether that’s leadership, politics, technology, finance, and beyond.

Technology’s Mark on the Job Market

At Gravity, we’re always keeping one eye on global trends to ensure that we’re partnering with professionals at the forefront of their respective fields. That means tracking technology’s influence on the job market. In today's rapidly evolving job landscape, automation, and big data have emerged as dominant forces shaping the future of work. According to recently released data from The World Economic Forum, “The Future of Jobs Report 2023,” the fastest-growing jobs reflect our growing reliance on advanced technologies:

  • Roles in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have skyrocketed, with professionals harnessing the power of algorithms and data to develop intelligent systems and predictive models. 
  • The urgency to address environmental concerns has led to a surge in sustainability-related positions focusing on renewable energy, conservation, and sustainable practices. 
  • Business intelligence experts are in high demand, analyzing vast amounts of data to extract valuable insights that drive strategic decision-making. 
  • As businesses prioritize information security, the need for skilled professionals to safeguard data and networks has increased, leading to a rise in information security roles. 
  • Robotics engineers are at the forefront of automation, designing and developing innovative robotic systems that enhance efficiency and productivity. 
  • Big data specialists are in great demand, leveraging their expertise to manage and interpret massive datasets, providing organizations with valuable insights for growth and optimization. 

As automation and big data continue to shape industries across the board, these job roles represent the forefront of the digital revolution, paving the way for a future driven by innovation and data-driven decision-making.

What’s Trending in Public Speaking?

The trends in professional public speaking in 2023 reflect a dynamic and evolving landscape driven by technological advancements, storytelling prowess, inclusivity, and a commitment to making a difference in the world. Thanks to the increasing integration of technology in presentations, speakers are leveraging cutting-edge tools such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and live-streaming platforms to engage and connect with audiences worldwide. There’s also been an increased emphasis on authentic storytelling, as speakers strive to create compelling narratives that resonate on a deeper emotional level to form genuine connections with listeners. Sustainability and social impact, too, have emerged as topics of conversation, with speakers highlighting environmentally conscious practices to encourage climate action, equality, and mental health. And the demand for diverse voices and perspectives has become more pronounced, leading to a greater representation of underrepresented communities and a recognition of the power of inclusive public speaking. 

A Dynamic Mix of Speaking Topics

Gravity Speakers offers a dynamic mix of speakers covering all of these trending topics as well as a host of others within areas of leadership, finance, education, politics and policy, faith and spirituality, and much more. Regardless of the topic, Gravity is proudly aligned with professionals from all communities, ethnicities, and gender identities who share a unifying thread of being thought leaders and pioneers in their industries. We actively seek out speakers who champion complex thought, encourage intellectual curiosity, and foster discussions that expand perspectives and inspire innovative solutions. 

When working with Gravity Speakers, you’ll find a dedicated partner eager to represent speakers driven by a passion for challenging the status quo and propelling society toward a brighter future. Check out our list of topics and browse our speakers for your next event today.

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