Scott Zimmer

Generational Expert, Gen X Speaker

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Minnesota, USA


Scott has over 20 years of experience delivering keynote speeches to audiences around the world. During his career, Scott worked for one of the most reputable generational consulting firms in the country, where he had the opportunity to travel to global Fortune 500 companies to help organizations bridge the generational gaps that can occur in the workplace. Today, he continues to help organizations create a workplace culture where every generation feels valued, respected, and understood.

Scott works hard to learn every client’s desired outcome and customizes each presentation to curate an experience focused on achieving your specific organizational goals. His presentations are informative, engaging, and fun – giving audiences both an experience they’ll remember and actionable takeaways they can use to strengthen workplace relationships and culture.

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Connecting Across Generations

That Meeting Could Have Been an Email: Strategies for Effective Workplace Communication & Collaboration

Managing a Multi-Generational Team: Turning Generational Differences into Employee Retention

Why Mentorship Matters: Building Effective & Lasting Relationships Across Generations

Meet Gen Z: Recruiting, Retaining, and Engaging the Next Generation

PopQuiz: The Pop Culture Trivia Show - A Fun and Nostalgic Look at the Different Generations We Work with Every Day

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PopQuiz Corporate Entertainment Game Show


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“Helping organizations create workplaces where everyone feels valued, respected, and understood.”

“Customized keynotes and workshops that tackle the most relevant generational roadblocks that are impacting your workplace.”

“Scott works hard to get to know every client’s desired outcomes for a session and customizes each presentation to create an experience that is tailored to every audience.”

“Engaging presentations. Actionable takeaways.”

“Fun, interactive, memorable.”

“Scott mixes humor, anecdotes, case studies, and industry-specific statistics to drive home his message of creating a workplace where every generation feels valued.”

“Scott’s presentations are frequently updated with the latest insights, unforgettable stories, and specific solutions that drive measurable results.”