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Collaboration, Ideation and Storytelling with a Colorful Twist

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Los Angeles, California, USA


Pinquelton Group was founded in 2018 by Andy Eninger and John Loos, two learning designers and facilitators who are partners in business, comedy, and life (yep, they’re married, which is why they often accidentally dress alike!)

What started 10 years ago as the critically acclaimed sketch and improv comedy duo Pinque Pony has evolved into a dynamic employee development business that marries decades of comedy performance, writing experience and sense of play with the duo’s 30+ years of combined corporate facilitation and storytelling experience. Eninger previously served as the head of the comedy writing program at the famed Second City theater in Chicago, while Loos was among their writing and improv faculty and helped put The Second City Network on the map with his viral comedy writing.

Together, Loos and Eninger have taught and performed around the world and across the US, for organizations as big as Fortune 500 companies to smaller, boutique companies looking for a fun, thoughtful jolt of inspiration.

Pinquelton Group also proudly resources a deep well of experienced comedy talent with a similar blend of corporate learning and development experience to deliver memorable, fun and discovery-filled workshops, keynotes, and ideation sessions.

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Mastering the Story (1-4 Hours)

Presenting the Story (2-4 hours)

Collaborator's Toolkit (60-120 Minutes)

The Improviser’s Guide to Thriving Through Change (90 Minutes – 3 hours)

The PinqTank (Half Day or Full Day)

PinqTank Plugin (1-2 Hours)

Storytelling Will Change the World

The Art & Science of Keeping Someone’s Attention

The Empathy Formula [There is no Empathy Formula]

Pinquelton Facilitation Reel - Storytelling


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