Lolita Taub

Latina GP at Ganas Ventures, Community-Driven Investor

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San Diego, California, USA


Have you heard about Lolita Taub? Let me tell you, she's not your everyday venture capitalist. Her story is something else – it's like a masterclass in turning life's curveballs into home runs. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, miles away from the glitz of Silicon Valley, Lolita's journey is a real-life example of what it means to see opportunity in every challenge.

Now, Lolita's not just overcoming obstacles; she's redefining them. She's taken what many would see as setbacks – ADHD, PTSD, and anxiety – and flipped them into her superpowers. Her ADHD fuels her out-of-the-box thinking, her PTSD has forged an unshakeable resilience and her anxiety? It's given her a level of empathy that's rare in the cut-throat world of tech and venture capital.

At Ganas Ventures, Lolita's not just writing checks; she's rewriting the narrative of what it means to invest in the future. With $70M in tech sales, over 100 investments, and her track record is just as impressive as her approach. She's not just betting on companies; she's investing in visions, in people, in potential.

What's more, she's built this incredible community of over 85K people, fostering a space where founders and investors can come together, share ideas, and grow. It's not just about the money – it's about the impact, the connections, the community.

And when she speaks – whether it's at TEDx, Meta, Zoom, or leading universities like Stanford and Harvard – people listen. She brings this unique blend of personal stories, sharp insights, and a vision for a more inclusive, innovative future. It's not just talk; it's a wake-up call to think bigger, to be better.

So, why bring Lolita to your event? Because she's the real deal. She'll inspire, challenge, and maybe even change the way you think about success, resilience, and the power of a good idea. Trust me, you won't just be hiring a speaker; you'll be igniting a conversation that could change the game for your audience.

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The Future is Multi-Hyphenated in the Era of Community

Latinx Allyship, Power, and Belonging

Raising Inclusive AI: How to Keep Bias Out

Resilience as a Strategy: Turning Adversity into Opportunity

Seeing Potential Where Others Don't

From South Central to Silicon Valley: A Journey of Grit and Triumph

The Future of Tech: An Insider's Take on What's Next

Creating Impactful Change Through Community

Harnessing Neurodiversity: A New Frontier in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Balancing the Scales: Achieving Personal and Professional Fulfillment

In addition to the above topics and formats, Lolita Taub keynotes on the topics of Diversity in Tech, Future of Work, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Venture Capital.

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“I enjoyed hearing your story today at Vanguard. I am a Latinx ally who is looking for ways to support this awesome community at Vanguard and outside of work. I really loved your spirit, zeal and candor today. Thank you for spending time with us and helping people like myself learn about your culture, how to help, and what to be aware of. You rock!”

Lauren Kiernan
Financial Services Leader, Vanguard

“It was great hearing you speak, and briefly meeting you today. Thank you again for sharing your story, your passion, and your leadership counsel. As I’ve said to many who couldn’t join today, you were truly remarkable. Keep serving your passion – you’re having an impact!”


“Strategic and results-oriented leader” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Lolita. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for the year, during her internship with K Fund and as an MBA candidate at the IE Business School. Above all, I’ve been impressed with Lolita’s ability to strategically form alliances with the startup and VC community, mobilize resources (in and out the tech space), lead and manage her MBA capstone project team, and accomplish her goals. And of course, I appreciate that as she accomplishes objectives and grows she shares insights through her talks and blog posts. Lolita would be a true asset for any position requiring a strategic thinking mind that gets things done!”

Ignacio Larru
Chief Financial Officer, KFund

“Lolita was instrumental in the launch and creation of Cisco’s North America internal gaming community, mobilizing over 60 Cisco account managers in the path to developing a collaboration platform to socialize and enable Cisco’s gaming portfolio.”

William Gustafson
Certified Business Architect

“Lolita is a true connector and visionary. She foresaw the value brought about by a series of tribal gaming partners, made introductions, and enabled my organization to run a forward thinking tribal gaming booth at the largest tribal gaming conference, the National Indian Gaming Association Conference. Lolita also put the Synergy and Cisco Reservation of the Future solution on the map. Incredible.”

Jonathan Eaton
Executive Director and Principal, Synergy Information Solutions

“The most resounding piece of feedback we got after Lolita's conversation was “I want to be her friend!” Lolita was able to make difficult topics tangible while being inviting, warm, and insightful. she brought her whole self to this conversation, and for that we are grateful. I highly recommend Lolita as a speaker for any Latinx ERG or DEI event.”

Natasha Cougoule
Program Manager, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Zoom Video Communications, Inc.