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"We are thrilled to work with Gravity Speakers over the past several years and look forward to many more engagements! They represent the best speakers and talent, understand our needs, and are absolutely wonderful to work with each and every time!"

Erin Tselenchuk, President & Co-Founder
Risequity Gravity

"Gravity Speakers accompanies us in the challenging mission of providing qualified education. Through its curated catalog we find the ideal minds to enrich the conversations with our participants, encouraging them to follow the entrepreneurial path as a professional career."

Cristina Aguiar, Experts Network Manager
Gravity Explorer

"The engagement was excellent. The Gravity Speakers team were highly communicative and collaborative in the process."

Maria Kojevnikova, Talent Acquisition Manager
Gravity Prospa

"I want to thank you profusely for helping us out when we lost Shari. It’s just one of those things that no one could have predicted or planned for, but we never felt lost with your confident and capable assistance. Even our director Jennifer said, “Oh, it’s Gravity? I’m not worried.”😊 I was so relieved and impressed with how quickly you found a similar replacement and on top of that got us on a call to connect with Barbara to discuss our needs. And on top of THAT, you had taken notes during our call with Shari to give to Barbara and I felt so confident that this would be a smooth pivot."

"Wonderful as always! I always feel taken care of. They are confident, capable and professional."

Kayla Boutros, Associate Manager, Event Program
Gravity League Of California Cities 2024

"Nausheen, thank you for a wonderful experience working with you and Gravity Speakers. It was a smooth and fun process! I will certainly be recommending your team to others in my community."

Meaghen McCord, Executive Director
Gravity Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

"Gravity was wonderful! Ricky and Nausheen were kind, prompt, thorough, helpful, and a pleasure to work with."

Paige VanDemark, HR Generalist
Gravity MaryRuth Organics

"Great experience, easy and quick communication, very successful event."

Devin Locascio
Gravity Zillow Group

"Both Ricky and Nausheen were amazing in organizing and securing Nicole Malachowski. Even when we hit abump last year, we pivoted and it was a success last week."

Neia Woodson, Card Tech Chief of Staff
Gravity Capital One

"My overall experience with Gravity Speakers was great! Their communication and consideration made the collaboration such an easy effort."

Matilda Johnson, SACE Consultant
Gravity The Sadie Collective

"My experience with Gravity Speakers was exceptional. Ricky was quick to respond to my initial request for a speaker and offered a great selection of individuals with various backgrounds. He was understanding of my concern around cost and made sure to provide speakers within budget that also were aligned with topics our team was looking to cover. The transition from Ricky to Nausheen was incredibly smooth and she was so helpful in finalizing all of the details. I am extremely impressed with the level of professionalism, eagerness to help us find the perfect speaker and the quick responses I received. I also really appreciate how their speaker profiles are setup on their website. There was enough background where I felt like I was able to get to know the speaker prior to pursuing an event with them. I highly recommend working with Gravity Speakers and will continue to utilize their services in the future."

Jay Bloch, DEIB Program Specialist
Gravity Charthop

"Everyone we worked with at Gravity Speakers was a shining star who demonstrated at every touch point that they wanted our event to be the most successful event we hosted. Nausheen was communicative, accommodating, and collaborative. They accommodated a specific means by which to pay for our speakers appearance, and checked in with us regularly ahead of the event to ensure everybody was prepared. I would recommend them to anyone looking to host any of their incredible speakers."

Natasha Cougoule, ERG Leader
Gravity Zoom

"Fantastic experience, very smooth and easy, super adaptable to last minute notice!"

Rachel Burch, Global Internal Communications
Gravity Maxeon Solar Technologies

"Working with Gravity Speakers was great!"

Karlos L. Marshall, Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Gravity Dayton Metro Library

"We had a great experience working with Gravity Speakers."

Aneisha Graydon
Gravity 35 Mules

"It was easy to select a speaker that aligned with our vision for the event and fit into our budget!"

Brittany Oberstadt, Manager, Training & Operations
Gravity Code42

"It was seamless and easy."

Saili Willis
Gravity Momentive

"Great experience and easy to work with."

Brant Fairchild, Executive Director
Gravity Veale Foundation

"LOVED working with Gravity Speakers! So attentive to details, easy to communicate with, and very professional as well as personable."

Christina George, Education and Events Manager
Gravity League of CA Cities

"Love working with y'all!"

Elizabeth Kneebone, Senior Director, Programming
Gravity Kindred

"Very positive experience. Easy to coordination the details of the event."

Marcett Banks
Gravity Portland Human Resource Management Association

"We had a great experience working with Nausheen to book our speaker. We'll definitely be reviewing Gravity Speaker options for our next event."

Jenna Streit, Development Director
Gravity The Milk Bank

"Everyone that we worked with at Gravity Speakers was responsive and helpful."

Barrett Clark, Board Member
Gravity Ruby Central

"It was a great experience. I would definitely contract with Gravity Speakers again."

Genevieve Martinez-Garcia, Director, Innovation & Research
Gravity Healthy Teen Network

"It's a pleasure working with Gravity Speakers. Nausheen and Ricky are so easy to work with, and Emily Best is a fantastic speaker."

Phoebe Yates, Senior Producer
Gravity ELS

"Working with Gravity Speakers made it very easy to book a high profile speaker. Very professional team that communicates efficiently."

Charmyse Tillman
Gravity gener8tor

"Working with Gravity Speakers was fantastic. Friendly, responsive, collaborative, and respectfully represented Arlan’s needs and expectations. So helpful!"

Lisa Durnford, Co-Chair
Gravity Venture Out

"Very good service as usual. Speaker was effective and the entire process from signing the contract to settling up post event was efficient."

David Damron, Partner, Tax Services
Gravity Ernst and Young

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Gravity Speakers. Considering the short turnaround of booking Arlan and having her onsite, the entire team was very responsive and even worked through the weekend to make sure all parties had everything they needed."

Ki Williams, Talent Relations Manager
Gravity Hubspot Inc

"Ricky & Nausheen were fantastic to work with. They made the process of booking a speaker easy and seamless. They were always quick to respond and eager to help. As a first time user of a speaker's agency, we were impressed with their expertise and customer service. We would love to work with them again!"

Christina Graham
Gravity Catapult Lakeland

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