Law & Legal Affairs

The act of lawmaking serves multiple critical governance roles. Through law and legal institutions, states can have a major impact on economies and social policies. Laws are also put into place to help promote accountability, resolve disputes peacefully, and revise the rules when applicable. At Gravity Speakers, we work with law and legal affairs experts who can help identify the many ways in which law can impact businesses and organizations. Our law and legal affairs speakers can speak to a wide range of topics, from business, law to social and civil justice.

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Sofiat Abdulrazaaq
CoFounder & CEO of Goodfynd, Fintech Entrepreneur, Privacy Expert, Former Sr. Product Manager

Sofiat Abdulrazaaq is the co-founder & CEO of Goodfynd, a fintech platform enhancing accessibility for mobile food businesses. A serial entrepreneur and privacy expert, who brings a decade of experience translating business goals into developed products. She has held prior leadership positions at some of the largest Fortune 500 and billion-dollar nonprofit organizations and operates her own consulting practice. As a founder of SBA Strategies, she empowers entrepreneurs and champions underrepresented voices in business.

Sofiat Abdulrazaaq
Tonya M. Evans
Tonya M.
Professor & Global Leader in Tech, IP, Crypto Innovation

Professor Tonya M. Evans is a global leader, accomplished academic and administrator, and world-renowned speaker with over twenty years of experience in law, innovation, academia, and entrepreneurship. She writes, speaks and teaches primarily in the areas of intellectual property, blockchain and crypto assets, tech and innovation, information privacy, financial inclusion, and economic empowerment.

Tonya M. Evans
Shontavia Johnson
International Expert in Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property & Economic Development

Shontavia Johnson is an entrepreneurship and innovation expert who has helped hundreds of people build personal brands, businesses, and intellectual property portfolios. She is Associate VP for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Clemson University and Founder of the Brand and Business Company. An entrepreneur, creator, Liberty Fellow through Aspen Institute, and a Fulbright Specialist, Shontavia shares her message to audiences globally.

Shontavia Johnson
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