The financial industry is at its peak, and technology is evolving faster than ever before. FinTech has become a key indicator to measure today’s economy and finance. At Gravity Speakers, we work with founders, business advisors, and best-selling authors who can address the intersection of finance and technology. Book your next FinTech speaker to learn more about the latest financial technology innovations.

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Sofiat Abdulrazaaq
CoFounder & CEO of Goodfynd, Fintech Entrepreneur, Privacy Expert, Former Sr. Product Manager

Sofiat Abdulrazaaq is the co-founder & CEO of Goodfynd, a fintech platform enhancing accessibility for mobile food businesses. A serial entrepreneur and privacy expert, who brings a decade of experience translating business goals into developed products. She has held prior leadership positions at some of the largest Fortune 500 and billion-dollar nonprofit organizations and operates her own consulting practice. As a founder of SBA Strategies, she empowers entrepreneurs and champions underrepresented voices in business.

Sofiat Abdulrazaaq
Sheena Allen
Founder of Too.AI & Capway (Youngest Female U.S. Digital Bank Owner), Tech Innovator, Author

Sheena Allen is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and creative architect. She is the CEO and Founder of TOO.AI, an AI venture focused on advancing human health, wealth, and capabilities. She also founded CapWay, a fintech ecosystem for financial inclusion. Sheena has been featured in various documentaries and publications, including Inc Magazine and Forbes.

Sheena Allen
Cheryl Campos
Head of Venture Growth & Partnerships at Republic, Co-Founder of VCFamilia, Actress

Cheryl Campos is the Head of Venture Growth and Partnerships at Republic, an investment platform for founders to raise capital from both accredited and non-accredited investors. Cheryl is also co-founder of VCFamilia, the largest Latinx community in the venture, supporting over 300 VCs throughout their careers — from breaking into venture all the way to creating their own funds.

Cheryl Campos
Shawn DuBravac
Acclaimed Global Futurist, Trendcaster, NY Times Bestselling Author

Acclaimed global futurist, trendcaster, and best-selling author Dr. Shawn DuBravac sits at the nexus between innovation and disruption. DuBravac delivers pragmatic and provocative insights into the trends, technologies, and paradigms transforming business and society along with actionable strategies organizations in every industry can apply.

Shawn DuBravac
Rodney Williams
Co-founder of SoLo Funds, Award Winning Techpreneur & Marketer

Rodney Williams is the Co-founder of SoLo Funds, the largest community finance platform and the US’s only Black-led Certified B Corp fintech grounded in the hope and mission to build a community that enables financial autonomy for all. Prior to SoLo, Rodney founded LISNR and led the company to over $40M in funding, numerous awards, and partnerships across retail and financial services. Rodney’s career started at Procter & Gamble in brand management where he was a critical catalyst in the company’s digital strategy and started in eCommerce & social media.

Rodney Williams
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