Over the past decade, crowdfunding has proven to be a popular alternative to traditional financing. In addition to being cost-effective, it is a great way to avoid giving up equity or accumulating debt. When used to its full potential, crowdfunding can also serve as a marketing tool for it allows for greater collective brainstorming opportunities. Gravity Speakers’ crowdfunding experts are founders, CEOs, and changemakers who can advise on strategies to help leverage this alternative way of financing while helping to identify diverse and sustainable business opportunities.

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Emily Best
Founder/CEO of Seed&Spark and Film Forward, Producer, Writer, Leveraging Entertainment for Equity and Sustainability

Emily Best is the founder and CEO of Seed&Spark. An advocate for equity inclusion in the entertainment industry (and the entire working world), Best regularly speaks at conferences and events about leveraging entertainment to build equity and sustainability for everyone, crowdfunding, and pitching, building equitable startups, and serves as an advisor and mentor to dozens of early-stage companies.

Emily Best
Dawn Dickson
Serial Entrepreneur & Inventor

Dawn Dickson is a serial entrepreneur and inventor with over 20 years of experience in technology, marketing, and business development. Her most recent ventures are Flat Out of Heels and PopCom. Dawn is a seasoned professional speaker, business advisor, and angel investor.  She continues to be recognized as one of the nation’s top retail tech entrepreneurs.

Dawn Dickson
Harold Hughes
Bandwagon CEO, Tech Innovator, and Diverse Ventures Champion

Harold Hughes is the founder & CEO of Bandwagon, a South Carolina-based live experience technology company. As a community builder, Harold co-founded Black@ Labs and as a web3 builder and community leader, Harold published "A Kids Book About Blockchain" to help educate people "from 6 to 60" about the revolutionary technology that Bandwagon specializes in. Harold is also an active angel investor, primarily investing in women, people of color, and Black founder-led companies.

Harold Hughes
Aniyia Williams
Systempreneur, Creator, Inventor, Tech for Good Changemaker

Aniyia Williams is a systempreneur, creator, inventor, tech changemaker, and investor. She is a principal on the Responsible Technology team at Omidyar Network, and works to help the tech world live up to its promise of changing lives for the better. She served as Executive Director of Black & Brown Founders, co-founder of Zebras Unite, and founded and led the fashion tech company, Tinsel.

Aniyia Williams
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