Big Data

Big data is changing the way the world uses business information. It helps different organizations gain valuable insight, which leads them to make better decisions and plan strategically. However, it isn’t about the amount of data but what organizations do with the data that matters. Capturing large amounts of data helps create growth opportunities while enhancing specific products or services. At Gravity Speakers, we work with futurists, educators, strategists, and trend forecasters who are thought-leaders in the field and who can advise you on how to spot relevant data and use it to your advantage. Contact us to book your next big data speaker and learn more about data capturing, storing, analysis, and information collection.

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Chris Barton
Founder and Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Tech Investor

Chris Barton is the Founder and Creator of Shazam. Chris’s creation of Shazam was nothing short of pure magic as it was far ahead of its time. Chris seeks to delight people by using technology to make seemingly impossible ideas come to life. In his speeches, Chris’s story and storytelling completely captivate audiences. He inspires people to make big things happen in their organizations – to create magic in defiance of the obstacles.

Chris Barton
David Goldsmith
The Thought Leader’s Thought Leader, Businessperson, Consultant, Adviser, Coach, Speaker, Author, Patent Holder

David is the author of Paid to THINK: A Leader’s Toolkit for Redefining Your Future, a work for which he has earned comparisons to Peter Drucker, the father of modern-day management. Considered by some to be the “Thought Leaders’ Thought Leader”, he is known for replacing common leadership thinking with bold, proven, and sometimes counter-intuitive approaches to address leadership challenges and opportunities.

David Goldsmith
Thomas Koulopoulos
Futurist, Author, Visionary, Inventor, INC500 Leader

Tom Koulopoulos is acknowledged as one of the industry’s leading futurists. He is the author of ten books and founder of Delphi Group, a 30-year-old Boston-based think tank, which was named one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US by Inc. Magazine.

Thomas Koulopoulos
James Norman
Founder & CEO of Pilotly

James Norman is a serial entrepreneur who at the age of 16 built his first online company. While previously he may have been known as a visionary in automotive product planning, over the past 10 years in the media and entertainment industry, he has become a thought leader in over-the-top media and consumer video consumption behaviors.

James Norman
Michael Tchong
Professional Trend Forecaster, Speaker, Author

A professional trend forecaster, speaker, and author, Michael speaks and writes about cracking the code of the future applying his unique framework of Ubertrends — massive waves that are reshaping global behavior.

Michael Tchong
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