Neil Sahota

IBM Master Inventor, AI & Technology Expert, Author

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Neil Sahota (萨冠军) is the CEO of ACSI Labs, United Nations (UN) AI Advisor, IBM Master Inventor, Professor at UC Irvine, and author of best-seller, Own the A.I. Revolution. With 20+ years of business experience, he works with organizations to create their core business strategy, enter new markets, and develop next generation products/solutions powered by emerging technology. His work experience spans multiple industries including legal services, healthcare, life sciences, retail, travel and transportation, energy and utilities, automotive, telecommunications, media/communication, and government. Moreover, Neil is one of the few people selected for IBM's Corporate Service Corps leadership program that pairs leaders with NGOs to perform community-driven economic development projects. For his assignment, Neil lived and worked in Ningbo, China where he partnered with Chinese corporate CEOs to create a leadership development program.

In addition, Neil partners with entrepreneurs to define their products, establish their target markets, and structure their companies. He is a member of several investor groups like the Tech Coast Angels, advises venture capital funds like Miramar and CerraCap, and helped create the UN’s Innovation Factory, a global program for social impact entrepreneurs. Neil also serves as a judge in various startup competitions and mentor in several incubator/accelerator programs.

Neil currently co-hosts AI for All podcast with Ryan Chacon where you’ll hear from AI companies, experts, researchers, academics and industry leaders on the latest advancements in all things AI, machine learning, data science, and robotics.

He actively pursues social good and volunteers with nonprofits. Neil cofounded the UN's AI for Good Initiative and is actively helping them building out their ecosystem of strategic partnerships. He is currently helping the Zero Abuse Project prevent child sexual abuse as well as Planet Home to engage youth culture in sustainability initiatives. Over the last twelve years, he has served as a Board Director to several non-profit organizations such as the Inteleos and Computing for Humanity as well as corporate boards from around the world like Legalmation, Lingmo, and Shineville.

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Disrupting the Box: TUCBO™ Is the Secret to Thinking Differently

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Future of Work: The Forgotten Side

Life 3.0 Advancing Health with Hybrid Intelligence

The Ripple Effect: Why We All Need to Be Responsible AI Practitioners

Bias in AI, but what about AI taking out the bias in us?

Workshop: Tactical Learning with Actionable Next Steps

Leveraging AI for SMBs using the TUCBO™ Framework [Workshop]

Other topics include:

  • Defusing the Next Critical Situation: How the Metaverse Is Reshaping Law Enforcement
  • The Law Firm’s Race to Embrace the Digital World: The Metaverse is Reshaping the Practice of Law

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AiDecentralized Summit: AI - The Governance Question
Conversations in AI: What Managers Do Not Know About Using A.I. and implementing Projects, Neil Sahota Reveals Insights

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“It was a great pleasure having Neil as a keynote speaker at the GCAIoT2020! His session was amazing, and it added great value to our event.”

Mohamed Aboud
Co-Founder and CEO Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship VP for Business Development, Ideascape

“On behalf of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB) of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your excellent contribution towards the success of the Virtual forum on “Digital Transformation of Cities and Communities”. All attendees and I myself are most grateful for the time you took and efforts you made to share your thoughts and experience. The feedback on the FOrum has been excellent and I hope to continue making progress to yield even better results. I look forward to future collaboration.”

Chaesub Lee
Director of Telecommunication Standardization Bureau

“I would like to sincerely thank you for your support towards the AI for Good Global Summit that was held on 7 to 9 June 2017 at the ITU Headquarters in Geneva. Your expertise and unique perspective as a speaker from Industry helped make the Summit dynamic, forward-thinking, and a success. I look forward to continue working with you to strengthen our efforts in understanding the potential of Artificial Intelligence as a frontier topic for harnessing the data revolution for sustainable development.”

Houlin Zhao
ITU Secretary General

“Thank you for today, it was fantastic and feedback has been tremendous!”

John Golden
Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Pipelinersales Inc.

"Your deep understanding of AI and its potential applications within our work provided us with a comprehensive perspective on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. The clarity with which you articulated complex concepts and your ability to connect them to real-world scenarios was particularly impressive and greatly appreciated by all in attendance."

Darrell Johnson, CEO
Orange County Transportation Authority