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Leading LGBT+ Inclusion Expert, Educator, Consultant, Advocate, Professor & Lecturer, Author
Dr. Kryss

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With over 25 years of experience guiding the world’s top leaders in business, education and community via individual, small group and full-staff trainings, Dr. Kryss Shane LSW, LMSW (she/her) has been featured as America’s go-to Leading LGBT+ Expert in The New York Times, ABC News, Yahoo!, and CNN. Her writing has also appeared in the Journal of Nonprofit Education and LeadershipHuffington Post, International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership, The New Social Worker Magazine, and many more.

Dr. Kryss is known for helping businesses address their unique Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion needs in an approachable, manageable and actionable way. This includes alterations to physical spaces, updating hiring practices, re-drafting policies and procedures and more. In addition to her doctorate, she holds two master’s degrees, two licenses to practice mental healthcare, and she is currently serving as the Director of the Social Work Program and Assistant Professor at Thomas University, as well as being a Lecturer at Columbia University and an Adjunct Professor at Fordham University, National Louis University, and National University. 

Dr. Kryss is the author of The Medical Professional's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion: Creating a Workplace Culture that Nurtures a Welcoming, Inclusive, and Affirming Environment which provides guidance to medical professionals at hospitals, clinics, and more to become best prepared to treat and care for LGBT+ people within their facilities. She has also written Creating an LGBT+ Inclusive University: A Practical Resource Guide for Faculty and Administrators, which provides guidance for faculty and administrators of universities and colleges to become knowledgeable, capable, and able to make their campuses (including online campuses) more LGBT+ inclusive. Dr. Kryss is also the author of Creating an LGBT+ Inclusive Workplace: The Practical Resource Guide for Business Leaders, which provides best practices and professional guidance for creating LGBT+ inclusive workplaces, including creating safer working environments, updating company policies, enhancing continuing education and training, and better supporting LGBT+ people in the workplace training and other tangible ways to support LGBT+ people in the workplace. Dr. Kryss’ first book, The Educator's Guide to LGBT+ Inclusion, is the first book of its kind to guide educators, administrators, and school staff to become able and empowered to make their schools more LGBT+ inclusive.

Kryss Shane earned her Bachelors of Science (BS) at The Ohio State University in Human Development and Family Sciences. She has earned her first Master's degree (MSW) at Barry University in Social Work where she focused on the LGBT community. She has earned a second Master's degree (MS) at Western Governors University in Education, Curriculum & Instruction for students K-12, as well as at undergraduate, and graduate levels. In addition, her third Master’s degree (MBA) is in Business Administration also at Western Governors University. Kryss’ PhD is in Leadership, specializing in Education, from the University of the Cumberlands. She also completed Columbia University School of Social Work’s Institute on Pedagogy and Technology for Online Courses and the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) training as part of their 2022-2023 cohort.  Kryss also holds social work licenses in the states of Ohio and New York, as well as holding numerous certifications.

Kryss' professional social work foci are in the areas of: Transgender Youth, Sexual and Gender Minorities; LGBT Training and Education; Social Activism; Animal-Assisted Therapy with Youth, Adolescent, and Adult Counseling; Couples Counseling; Family Counseling; Group Counseling; Crisis Intervention and Resolution; Local, State, National, and International Activism work.

In addition, Kryss conducts coaching and professional trainings to key members of agencies and companies on how to make their workplace and workforce more inclusive, and she continues to actively advocate for the LGBT rights on the local, state, federal and international levels. Named “America’s Go-To Leading LGBT Expert,” Kryss has also contributed to the education of social workers, medical professionals, business leaders, and educators, on the specific needs of LGBT+ clients via numerous organizations and events.

Kryss' travels the world working as a consultant, educator, and corporate trainer, as well as appearing at events and conferences as a keynote speaker, an author, and a writer, all of which focus on making schools, businesses, medical spaces, and community leaders more LGBT+ inclusive.

As a supervisor and educator, Kryss has worked tirelessly to bridge gaps in the minds of employees related to the necessity of joining together to fight for equality in a way that best represents the LGBT+ population.  She has led a small staff and expanded the worker population through community partnerships to triple the original number, with no additional cost to the company.

As an activist and social worker, she has aided in the introduction of Gay Straight Alliances in numerous high schools, participated in the National Equality March in Washington, D.C., rallied for non-discrimination laws in numerous states, and has held or actively participated in meetings with numerous legislators to educate and encourage their participation in the Equality Movement.

Kryss continues to actively advocate for LGBT+ rights on the local, state, federal, and international levels.

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Dr. Kryss Shane is available for Keynotes, Consulting, Trainings, Workshops, and more for corporations, non-profits, colleges, K-12 schools, professional conferences, and community events.

Her role is to educate and encourage, using research rather than personal opinion, to answer questions, and to remove stigmas, myths, and mistakes so attendees become more knowledgeable in areas related to LGBT+ issues. Dr. Kryss Shane always tailors her work to your needs.


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“Even though I know she is one of the top experts in the world, Kryss came off as a friend who was coming to offer guidance and education. It made it far easier to learn from her than from someone who made me feel stupid for not knowing things or for asking questions.”

CEO of International Corporation

“In my industry, time is money. It was great that Kryss found a way to give us what we needed to know to do our jobs better. It was really clear that she tuned in to our organization’s needs and created a training just for us.”

National Conference

“With more than 25 years in her field and incredible credentials, we expected her to be stuffy and dry in her approach. We were pleasantly surprised to find ourselves laughing while learning. Greatest learning experience, hands down!"

National Conference